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(Duplicated CD)
  • By Ashi
  • Release 10/04/2012
  • Music Genre New Age
  • Media Format CD
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Product Notes

Ashi Contemporary Ambient, World Music Composer. The Ashi project was formed to make ethnic and world music really interesting, something that moves you. Ashi's music has been said to be powerful and hauntingly beautiful. See below for what people are saying about Ashi... Ashi's music infuses energy and a unique sound that reveals a wide variety of ethnic world instruments. From orchestral themes overlaid with evocative vocals, to flutes, tibetan singing bowls, gongs and tablas to hypnotic drums, spacious soundscapes and deep fluid textures. The infusion of electronic, ambient and the spiritual, will at times uplift your soul and then pull at your heart, always transporting you to somewhere new. Ashi has also released the album Ancient Rituals which has received masses of fantastic reviews. Many have used this album for holistic therapies such as yoga, tai-chi, meditation and massage etc. But most just want to listen to Ancient Rituals. This is really, really what Ashi is all about. Let the music move you towards an experience of joy and inner peace. Ashi What people are saying about Ashi... My gosh..this music puts me in a different place. I love it! - christina hurst Exquisite music, really!! So beautiful!! Thanks for the video (not only the music :-). - angelpbj you make some bone chilling music...- Gaobdgao This music makes my skin crawl but in an amazing way goose bumps I first heard 'The rite' on Nassim Harramein video on the Ancient Mayan Artifacts and hunted it down to this one so Thank-you for sharing this but can you load 'the Rite' ?..cos it's just awesome and so beautiful also many people have been asking for it on his video V..- RAYVHENWING awesome music.. uprated - 5T4RSCREAM233 love the song, great pics on the video, very relaxing - conscienciatj I love the music thank you for sharing - M1STYWORLD Nice music.... This is OM mantra for meditation music....... Love it - navi2gaur I thought the music was very soothing and relaxing and appropriate to the subject sort of mysterious and unpredictable. - harles5000 very nice vid. And great music too. Who is the music artist? Thnx :) - djshido @djshido Ashi (artist)...cheers! - AZAZEL8867 yeah....this music is amazing,- Universa1ove I love the music...-- atzibadudi music is very beautiful... Agreed, I keep coming back just to listen to the song play - ionivanish please tell me about the music of this. Thank you - TheKlapanaras @djshido Ashi (artist)...cheers! - AZAZEL8867 Loving the instrumental - MrKillercadillac I think the images and music are very dramatic - dan91709 Just beautiful pieces, and the music is fantastic with this, thank you for sharing. Ahhhhh, sending love to all. - electricfemale Nice video. An even more I like the music in the background. May I know who made it and name of it. - branitelj91 @branitelj91 Ashi (artist)...cheers!- AZAZEL8867 Nice video. What music did u use??? I would love to have it. So mysterious. I love it, i need more pieces like those, it's good for spirit. Marihuanna, insense and music like that : D - Cyprian89 @Cyprian89song: the rite, album: ancient rituals, artist: Ashi...thank you. Cheers! - AZAZEL8867 Love the soundtrack vibin out Egyptian style - binladen909 great video and I love the music..cheers - mmilos11 THANKS FOR SHARING..MUSIC IS SUPERB TOO!! - AxoykharanifzaibK I love this vid man, the music reminded me how good meditating was and the feeling it gives you. Love it! - DAGSKingStevo great video..well put togewhat's.what's the tune playing really like it - igotways2fly.


Artist: Ashi
Title: Orphic
Genre: New Age
Attributes: Duplicated CD
Release Date: 10/04/2012
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 885767460201


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