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Come Alive

Come Alive

  • By Axios
  • Release 27/11/2012
  • Music Genre Christian
  • Media Format CD
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Axios is the Greek word for worthy and it encompasses two main ideas in the New Testament: The first is that by Jesus' sacrifice we are made worthy of salvation. This is the image found in Revelation 5 where the earth is scoured and all are without hope because none is found worthy to open the scroll-such an incredibly depressing scene that it causes John to weep. But in an instant the mood shifts: "Weep no more; behold, the Lion of the tribe of Judah, the Root of David, has conquered". We have hope because our Lord is worthy and 'by His blood He ransomed people for God from every tribe and language and people and nation. The second sense of the word is that we are to live this life in a worthy manner to honor God, which is the way that Paul uses it in many of his letters. We want to be deemed worthy not only by His sacrifice but also by how we live and who we are. We understand that our worth is not stabilized by our productivity to the world, but by the usefulness to our Creator, so by using the gifts God blessed us with we want to offer our bodies as living sacrifices to glorify Him and advance His kingdom. MEET THE BAND! Elijah Dally - Lead Vox/Rhythm Guitar Dane Voorhees - Backup Voc/Lead Guitar Ashton Edwards - Bass Lewis Brossman - Drums Dillon McElhinney - Audio Tech Elijah is from Aurora, Colorado. His favorite things include peppered beef jerky, quoting movies, and growing a beard. He is a vocalist, a guitarist, and a song writer. His passions are music, theology/philosophy, and peppered beef jerky. Elijah's major goal in life is to lead worship and advance God's kingdom. His heart and passion for the Lord has driven Axios to be what it is today. Dane is from Hillsboro Oregon. He has rocking beautiful hair and guitar skills to match it. Along with playing guitar, Dane also sings, plays piano, and even rocks a little mandolin! He loves gear and if you ask him about his pedal board he will probably never quiet down. He also loves being outside, hanging out with people, and playing sand volleyball, most of all he loves serving the Lord whenever he can with or without a guitar in his hand. He also tries to rhyme sometimes. Ashton is from Longmont/Boulder, Colorado. He slaps the bass. Although be slapin' da bass like a Mamba-Jamba, he also writes songs, plays guitar, sings, and plays the melodic Hawaiian ukulele. His passions are with music, mentoring youth, and strawberry-vanilla slushes from Sonic. He is a highly relational, hyper guy. Although he may be loud all the time we still love him, well... most of the time. Ashton has many nicknames, most of which he gave himself... Ash, Obadiah, Obi-wan, Shasha, Jahma (mommies pet name), Sha, and many more to come in the next weeks. Lewis is from Libby Montana. His beats are so real that they create new realities. He is a mountain man that enjoys fire, hiking, and hunting large packs of wolves. He reps a couple tattoos, (which of course have meaning) if you are curious you'll just have to ask him, he might tell you. Lewis is not only a drummer, but he is a part time janitor. His motto is, "Every spill is my new thrill!" Lewis' dream has always been to be a drummer in a band, what better way to fulfill that than to drum for the Lord?! Dillon is from Colorado Springs, Colorado. He's the smartest guy we know and he runs our sound. He is the shy one of bunch, but don't be too hasty to judge this guy! He has good stuff to say if you have time to listen. He loves live music, learning about practically anything, and he can't say no to a good theological debate.


Artist: Axios
Title: Come Alive
Genre: Christian
Release Date: 27/11/2012
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 884501838047


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