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Betsys Kitchen

Betsys Kitchen

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Within a year of formation of Back Pack Jones in 2012, this talented group of seasoned musicians had already turned heads on Beale Street and had festival crowds singing along to Back Pack Jones' first original song 'Riptide Baby.' It was clear that this blues band was something special. The band went to work on their debut release, 'Betsy's Kitchen,' while continuing to actively support the growth of the blues through programs such as BLUES IN THE SCHOOLS. Gaining momentum by opening for blues great Jimmy Thackery while continuing to support the community, Back Pack Jones upped the ante through the addition of a full horn section, which brought this already high energy group to a full show band, delivering the blues to thousands during the 2013 festival season. An impression was clearly made, and Back Pack Jones was recruited to open for the legendary Mr. B.B. King in November 2013. This debut release contains nine Back Pack Jones original tunes, delivering all 'shades of blues' to anticipating listeners. Blues is about life's challenges, trials and twists, joys and frustrations. Back Pack Jones brings all of these emotions in an incredible musical package. Riptide Baby' will get you on your feet, with lyrics that everyone can immediately relate to. If you've ever had a friend that can almost always 'make it all about them,' you will love Riptide Baby. You're likely to be singing the chorus before your first listen is complete! What man hasn't been 'given the business' by his lady? 'I'm Just a Man' is the male's view on this situation that any couple has experienced. He can pick up his socks and he can get out of bed, but he does stupid things and speaks out of line. He has to ask 'Do you love me or hate me? I know I drive you crazy... I'm a man that's all I am!' 'Fixin' to Leave is a traditional blues that sends a warning to the man who may not be taking good care of his lady ... so 'you better treat her right, boy, 'cause I know she's fixin' to leave!' And there's a man who will be right there waiting, and 'she'll be runnin'' to him! Life fully lived is usually not without it's heartbreaks and scars. 'Baggage' tells the story of us wanting to find the way to love and happiness, but admittedly, it ain't easy, and guess what? 'You've got a closet too.' 'The End' is a beautiful ballad that speaks of life from different perspectives. The desires of a rich man for wealth, thankfulness of a poor man 'cause he's got his health.' We are reminded that as the days go on, too soon our journey is over. But 'The End' is actually a song of hope, because with love, all hearts can mend. 'Even God Sings the Blues' was written on the heels of another senseless loss of life on another school ground. You will feel the angst in the vocals of Big Mike Wallace and the guitar and keyboards in this blues prayer which asks God for faith, hope and love, but recognizes that even God sings the blues. 'Hey Diddle Riddle' lightens the load with a fun play on nursery rhymes mixed with the blues. Back Pack Jones has been very active with BLUES IN THE SCHOOLS, and quickly found that they lyrics of many blues songs may not be quite the right thing for up-and-coming grade school blues fans. Since the blues is about relating to the listener, 'Hey Diddle Riddle' relates to all of us, regardless of our age! Have fun with this one, and listen for the awesome fiddle which helps set this original blues tune apart! Looking for love in the worst places? Aren't we all! But don't forget to look right next to you! 'Hiding in Plain Sight' reminds us that love can sneak up on you, even though it's right in front of you! This one is a rockin' blues tune with a touch of R&B.. from the first horn accents you'll know this one is gonna get you rockin'! 'Betsy's Kitchen' finishes up with the upbeat celebration of 'I Got a Girlfriend.' With this swinging blues, you'll be shaking your hips or tapping the steering wheel as soon as the horns intro melds into this kickin' rhythm. Watch for the stops as Big Mike Wallace describes how his girl 'takes it center stage like B.B. and Lucille!' Don't miss this incredible debut release of Back Pack Jones!


Artist: Back Pack Jones
Title: Betsys Kitchen
Genre: Blues
Release Date: 08/11/2013
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 888174367859


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