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Basement Psalms Live Concert DVD

Basement Psalms Live Concert DVD

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It has always been a dream of mine to record a live album. This record is just me and my guitar, with no overdubs, and no place to hide. There are a couple of mistakes in my playing but since the Psalms are so full of people confessing their mistakes, I found it appropriate to leave them on the final recording unchanged. It took a little over a year to make this live album. It was a process of research into the Psalms, writing and rewriting music, doing more research, and practicing for countless hours. I can't thank my (then pregnant) wife Jenn enough for enduring all those hours of practice while these songs were being formed in me. The Psalms insist that you take your time. They are some of the most ancient prayers, hymns, and faith statements that Judaism, Christianity, and Islam possess. My goal was to be true to the heart of these Jewish Prayers, while at the same time being faithful to my own beliefs as a Christian. My hope is that all who hear this album would be drawn closer to the heart of God in some way. No matter what season of life you may find yourself in, be it with a fist full or curses or a mouth full of praises, the Psalms chronicle our human state while daring us to encounter God together. The Psalms have 5 sections and there are two songs from each section on this album. I hope that you'll listen to this record uninterrupted from the start to the finish and take the journey that the Psalm writers indented for us to take. It's a journey of faithfulness as faith being lost. It's a journey that will wound you but will also bring you to health. It's a journey of joyful triumph and agonizing loss. Most of all it's a journey of life with many companions, not the least of whom is a wild God unleashed among us, loving us too much to let us walk these roads alone. My prayer for you is that you will be blessed and touched by these ancient words. I pray that you will be formed by the One whose love will be our song forever. So beware the roads the wicked send you down, and let everything that has breath praise the Lord.


Title: Basement Psalms Live Concert DVD
Genre: Christian, Music Video (Concert/Performance)
Studio: CD Baby
Release Date: 01/03/2013
Media Format: DVD
UPC: 884501873826
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