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A Voyage Through My History

A Voyage Through My History

  • By Blue Spirit
  • Release 15/07/2005
  • Music Genre Rock
  • Media Format CD
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Instrumentation: Alex Ziegler (Bass & Vocals), Daniel Baumann (Drums), Mathias Baumann (Guitar, Keyboards & Vocals) In November 1994 three teenagers have the great idea of forming a band. Soon afterwards they find a rehearsal room where they can start to practice their favourite Punk Rock and Metal songs. In February 1995 bassist René Perpeet joins the band. Together they perform a few gigs in their local area. One year later the four musicians record their first demo cassette ... yes, a cassette! In 1997 everything would change. The band changes style and name. From now on they are called 'Endless Sleep' and play Gothic Metal. Karolin Kohlhaas joins the band on keys and the song 'Violet Twilight' is written. Two years later keyboarder Thorsten Seidel replaces Karolin on the keys and Rene leaves the band. Ziggy takes over on bass and in December they are recording another demo; this time on mini disc! The first nine months of 2000 Ziggy, Daniel, Mathias and Thorsten compose their musical Rock-Drama 'A Voyage Through My History'. In February they rename the band once again: 'Blue Spirit' was born. In November 2000 'A Voyage Through My History' is performed for the first time - with great success. For the premier, special guests David Dasbach (Violin), Sebastian Edlich (Didgeridoo) and Woytek Scholtysek (Video Show) join the band for a spectacular show that draws great attention to press and radio. Thorsten Seidel leaves the band and Sabrina Diel joins Blue Spirit on keyboard. In October her brother Alex Diel takes over on Didgeridoo, and step by step more musicians add to the meanwhile distinctive sound of Blue Spirit. Divine Dobbermann plays sax and violin and Markus Kasnitz sits in on percussion while Thomas Kasnitz becomes the manager and lighting engineer. The tour of 'A Voyage Through My History' ends in March 2002 and Blue Spirit starts to plan a new tour and project called 'Moments Of Emotion'. Jörn Wolf also becomes part of the always changing cast of Blue Spirit. After their last gig in November 2002 the band decides to record their first CD. In the summer of 2003 Daniel Akkaya replaces Sabi Diel on keys. In 2004 Blue Spirit had to find yet another keyboarder: Jochen Hiester. In March 2004 they release their first CD called 'Greatest Hits' and from May until November the band perform many gigs on their release tour through Germany. In November 2004 Ziggy, Daniel and Mathias commence the recording of 'A Voyage through my history'. In 2005 Blue Spirit disband, still friends and willing to record more of their music...


Artist: Blue Spirit
Title: A Voyage Through My History
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 15/07/2005
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 4038662991073


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