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Bobs Book Club

Bobs Book Club

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Bob's Book Club is neither a book club, or a band. Although it could be both, it's really just the title of my first CD release. The genesis of this CD lies in the aftermath of 9/11. When I was finally able to think again after that horrific day, one of the first things that I thought of was a comment that I heard Dr. Wayne Dyer once say. At the end of a seminar that was broadcast on PBS, he said, 'Don't die with your music still inside of you.? So I decided to record a CD. I had a strange collection of eclectic songs that were inspired by books that I had read and I thought it would be nice to hear what they would sound like if I gave them a band treatment. So I did. This CD, Bob's Book Club, is the result. The title of the CD is tongue in cheek. What if you had a book club where basically nobody but yourself read the books? What would you talk about? What if there were no catered dinners and free flowing bottles of expensive wine to partake in when you and the club got together? Whatif there were no dinners at all? What if nobody could discuss in-between forkfuls of salad, the nuances of character, metaphors, foreshadowing and the emotional gravity that Lies somehow underneath the words of a really well written book? Well,those discussions rarely happen anyway. But what if your club consisted of a bunch of really talented musicians and all they were doing was reacting to what was already on the table. What would they say? I found out. A loping walking bass line and bongos for Ruth May. A bright fiddle for Frank's brave story of survival and triumph as a child. A co-vocalist who imbues a song with her own personal and musical joie de vivre. A singer who channels the hopeful spirit of a teenage girl, rising above the fate that she doesn't deserve. A haunting cello and a piano that sounds like rain for a tale of survival and a second chance. A drum part,that maybe because of the drummer's own personal experiences of circumstance and fate, perfectly captures the emotional pain of an extended hospital stay where life and death hang in the balance. An electric guitar solo that has a turnaround of a poet. And more. Here I found the nuances of character, metaphors, foreshadowing and the emotional gravity that lies somehow underneath the words of some really well written books. In the true spirit of a book club, the musicians helped me to better understand the books that I had read. And, as an extra bonus, they've inspired me to read more books.


Artist: Bob Eschenbrenner
Title: Bobs Book Club
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 31/08/2004
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 677242024028


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