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Big Bad World

Big Bad World

  • By Bryan Baker
  • Release 27/02/2007
  • Music Genre Rock
  • Media Format CD
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'Love the organ/guitar/bass mix on this. Really well produced! The vocal difference between the verse & chorus was a bit startling for me at first but grew on me by the end. Lyrics are extremely well written & socially relevant in the great reggae tradition. Well done!' SteveC on MacJams, re 'Bombs on the Underground' 'Smooth sound: Love the message, couldn't agree more. Overall this has a nice smooth sound. It's got a 'relaxed' feel to it. I like the dropped in sound clips. It works really well. This really reminds me of a band from the late 80s/early 90s called The Dangtrippers. They put out one album, but it was awesome. (In fact, they were from Iowa as well.)' JGurner on MacJams, re 'Over and Done' 'Great concept and performance on this tune! At first I didn't think I was going to like the lo-fi mic effect, but after listening to the whole thing, it really fits well! Love the accompaniment, grinding and bumping along....which fits the provocative lyrics perfectly. Yes, the lyrics could hit some raw nerves, but I think it's also important to portray the ins & outs of today's society. It is such a weird, quirky combination of explicit sex, yet we are so uptight about it. It's truly a dichotomy, and you communicated this very effectively in this song. This is not a tune I would normally rate highly, but you did such good work on it that I must. Great job!' Cameron on MacJams re 'Sexually Correct' --- Music has been a major part of my life on and off since the age of six. It is a path that has included playing Bass in several bands; studying vocal music briefly at Iowa State University (before switching to Theatre); earning a Masters degree in Theatre Sound Design at California institute of the Arts; and freelance sound design for independent LA Theatre companies. Always experimenting with a vast array of styles and genres my music ranges from electro-acoustic to pop to punk. I've been playing shows in Second Life for some time now, it's great getting in front of people again - even if they are many miles away at the time. Some questions recently asked of me for a bio-card: 1. Do you write your own lyrics. Example songs? Yes, on pretty much anything I am not doing as a cover. A couple exceptions are collaborations and songs I've written for theatre where the lyrics are already in the script. I try to convey as much as I can about the subject of the song, whether it's meant to be funny like 'Furry Lolita of Gor' or 'Cyber Me' or political like 'Bush' or 'Over and Done' or tender like 'Closing Time at the Roadhouse'. 2. Do you write your own songs and arrangements. Example songs? Yes, in fact I sometimes need to arrange them in very different ways for different situations. Most of the time I do the arrangements as I write and record them . I often use my recording software as a workspace, to play with lyric combinations or arrangement ideas. Sometimes I just pick up a guitar or sit at a piano and get up with a song without having recorded it. Having done this for over 25 years, I've had songs just about write themselves and I've had them take years to come together right. 'The Road' practically wrote itself but I've recorded it numerous times - I think the latest recorded version is the best. 'Bombs on the Underground' started as a very ska arrangement, and is recorded that way, but when I play it live, by myself on an Acoustic it has a much more folk, protest, 'Ritchie Havens' feel to it. Big Bad world is a very 'creepy rock' arrangement (think Oingo Boingo) in the recorded version, but the live acoustic version is quite different. 3. What style of music do you play? I try not to close myself off too much to anything. I guess that comes partly from having a background of doing music for theatre - in that case it's not about my personal needs, it's about the show. There are idioms I feel more comfortable writing in than others, for instance, I'm not a rapper. But I have material in many genres. I tend to play the stuff I can do with voice and an acoustic guitar these days. 4. What do you feel makes your music special? What makes your kids, or dog, or lover special? They're yours. :) I feel that way about my music. Each one is kinda like one of my kids. I feel like they all have something to communicate.


Artist: Bryan Baker
Title: Big Bad World
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 27/02/2007
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 634479483974


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