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Illegal Aliens

Illegal Aliens

  • By Chopp Devize
  • Release 01/01/2014
  • Music Genre Rap/Hip Hop
  • Media Format CD
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Chopp Devize began writing rhymes around the age of 7 and recording himself on cassette shortly after. From the very beginning of his exsistance Chopp was influenced by his parents, both of them being previousl y involved in choirs and various instrument experimentation. As a young boy he was an only child and spent much time listening to different kinds of music and making home movies with his cousins. A Colorado native, Chopp was also interested in the Martial Arts at a very young age and began training in Tae Kwon Do at the age of ten and trained seriously for a few years before moving on to other styles for the next 20 years. After many years of freestyle with his Denver homies at parties and in storage rooms, he moved to Florida for a new direction in life and to be with his Father in 1998 and united with the most amazing D.J. he had ever been in the presence of, D.J. Immortal. They both shared an in depth passion for music and inevitably created the beginnings of the group Seventh Direction along with Immortal's long time friends, Colosis, Mordechai,Pilot Rai and new found songstress, Urban Rose. Also they produced tracks with Xavier Hawk,H.D. Goodman and many more. Together this band of musical enthusiasts performed at many venues all over Florida North South East and West, colaborating with multiple artists in the likes of D.J. Trails and Speedy Legz from HipHop Elements, MoonDog and Stone Smith from Nocturnal music and sharing venues with Accomplished Performers like Outcast, Dedprez, Ice T, Bustahymes, Canibus, M-Eighty, C-Rayz Walz, Jeru da Damaga and more. They also put out hundreds of copys of their projects; "M.T.U".,Floetry", "7th Direction", "Lab Rats","Spiders in the Grill" along with random mix tapes. Conflicting schedules, creative differences and life situations got in the way of the groups progress and they dispersed in different directions. Chopp was transferred because of his current job and moved into Port St. Lucy/F.T. Pierce and subsequently united with Vibe One of "The Immortals" and "Under No Order" and formed a new fresh partnership with D.J. Doc Bliss, Wiser 1, Alon and others. They continued to make astonishing music for years performing all over Florida. Chopp had to move back south to Broward county to be with his toddler and began reconnecting with some of his previous musical comrades. That's around the time when he decided to colab with Immortal & Pilot Rai again along with old friend and newly graduated producer engineer, "The Architect." Together they produced a Master Peace titled "The 7D -Songs in a language once spoken" featuring all kinds of features and musicians from local talented friends and family. Chopp,Architect, started to fuze in the lab on a more frequent basis and produced a slew of songs of a whole new caliber. A combination of warrior like Rhymes attacking the system or whatever is doing wrong, and a diversely articulated conglomeration of rap styles blended with a band of tight beat makers and top notch production, his next album is sure to make some major waves in music.Curently, with Architect as producer and manager, and solid team of creative individuals, Chopp has united with A&R, M.C., Producer M-Eighty (of Wu Tang,) and has done songs with Canibus, Roc,(HeltaSkelta),Planet Asia, DoodleBug,(Digable Planets),C-Rayz Walz, DZK, M-Eighty, The J-hexxProject, Malicous Damage,Skarlit Rose, De Apostle and others! Chopp has also been a member of three different bands and continues to connect with artists to discover the next song. Chopp Devize is also part of a team of independent film producers called the "Underlab Studios." They have worked together to produce several short films winning three local contests and are currently finishing up their avant-garde action packed philosophical adventure feature length film created by and starring Chopp Devize and friends.Directed and co-written by J Vanazza produced by Chopp Devize, J Vanazza Dawn Dubriel and Pilot Rai and others. Chopp's Passion for creating new works of expression and tightly knit family of inspired talent, have been building some much appreciated momentum for the Hip-Hop culture and music in general. Chopp has recently gained some long awaited exposure by being chosen to grace the 2009 compilation "The Academy" among the ranks of Hip-Hops elite and new trail blazing recording artists. With the anticipated releases of Chopp's catalog of new music, including the future release of "The Immortal's" project and his first and highly anticipated solo album, "Hip Hop Renaissance" in 2010 followed by' Illegal Aliens ' in early 2014 and 'The Bridge' soon to come after, Chopp is definitely making an undeniable impact in the music world and has his sights set to an infinite horizon. Be prepared to hear a lot from this camp of dedicated artists.


Artist: Chopp Devize
Title: Illegal Aliens
Genre: Rap/Hip Hop
Release Date: 01/01/2014
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 888295032124


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