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Out in the Distance

Out in the Distance

  • By Chris Galloway
  • Release 27/04/2004
  • Music Genre Rock
  • Media Format CD
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MUSICAL CONNECTIONS OF CHRIS GALLOWAY By Paul Davis Dazzling, a new 'urban-country-rock' name to watch. Chris Galloway is not found on a major brand yet but here's a quality singer-songwriting gentleman on a healthy set of inspirational self-composed originals with 'true-blue' musical backing a la St. Louis -Nashville styles. He is a deep-throated tunesmith of superiority vintage as the debut CD 'Out In The Distance' displays. Chris' has a highly polished 'contemporary' country-rock feel. Clearly, he's one that is quickly learning his trade. Produced for gutsy easy listening, the St. Louis project boasts many colourful themes. It kicks off well and finishes well and on the way covers 'down-to-earth' faith themes. The CD was mixed and mastered at fine studios in Nashville, while it was recorded in St. Louis. Of great interest is that Chris attracted the attention of industry veteran, Richard Dodd, who offered to master the CD and who has an extensive production career for many top artists such as Tom Petty, George Harrison, Johnny Cash, and as of late, Jars of Clay. The oldest of ten (five girls and five 5 boys), Chris was born in Washington, DC. Richard, his father, was a management consultant of Physician Groups for Emergency Rooms and a classical and jazz pianist. Joan, Chris's mother is a registered nurse. Chris was educated at the Lakewood High School, the Ohio Bowling Green State University, Ohio and the Cleveland State University, Cleveland, Ohio. He purchased a guitar after leaving Bowling Green with money that was left over in his college bank account. Enterprisingly, he took a few lessons and pretty much taught himself by playing mostly Beatles songs out of a Beatles songbook. Soon Chris began to get a feel for how the Fab Four used melodies-and-chords and wrote songs. Chris says, 'My style is very hard to define. But, I know my roots are deeply set in traditional rock 'n roll leaning towards the more melodic stuff with strong lyrical basis. Just when someone hears one of my songs and thinks they have my style figured out, they hear another song and they are not sure. I am not really sure myself but I do feel that a certain style has emerged that may be somewhat unique to Chris Galloway!' Evolving as a 'signature song' is 'Coming To The Father' because Chris says that it reflects his musical style and is a statement of his spirituality. 'It seems to be a song that more people would choose as their favourite. It is still amazing to me that when I look back I am not really even sure how I got to where I am and where I am going. The only one thing I am sure that I can hang my hat on is the truth of the gospel! I would say that I am a believer that writes music. I wrote 100 plus songs and the better ones were spiritual in nature. I had more passion and belief in the subject of these songs and it came through.' Chris feels that a lot of the songs in popular music deal with pretty much the same themes; sex, drugs, and booze and that after a while they get so trite, boring and self-serving. 'How many times can you listen to the same thing? Most of that stuff has to do with how good you look, or how sexy you are, or how crude you can be. More style than substance so to speak. I would much rather be exposed to music that represents a sincerity of the artist and I think others must feel that way as that type music is finding an audience.' Chris is happily married now to Melissa after the tragedy of losing his first young wife from cancer. Chris was left with four and Melissa has three children from her previous marriage. Nowadays, Chris is based in St. Louis, Missouri an area that regularly hatches new artists. Located relatively close to Nashville, the studio and his record producer Peter Carson who is also a resident of St. Louis. A keen churchgoer, Chris leads the worship service for youth at his local church on Sunday mornings. As well as music, he loves to cook and spend time with the family. Chris says, 'Life itself is a miracle that could not have happened without a God. There is no way. I have always had a 'sense' that there is a God. I now desperately believe this is true. Just look around. One of my songs has a line that says, 'Your signature, is everywhere around me.' I measure success within the appreciation people have for my music. It is my way of relating to people and to my Lord. When I perform I feel a real connection with the people in the audience. I can see it in their eyes and feel it through their body language. I sense the pleasure of the Lord within me when I play my music.'


Artist: Chris Galloway
Title: Out in the Distance
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 27/04/2004
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 644167035729


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