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Weird Conversations

Weird Conversations

  • By Chris W. Paine
  • Release 24/10/2006
  • Music Genre Electronic
  • Media Format CD
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Austin, Tx October 2006- Chris W. Paine is a mixed genre electronic artist who has just released his first solo down-tempo album Weird Conversations. Weird Conversations encompasses down tempo, groove and funk elements. Paine spent 2005 writing the album and cowriting with Justin Pierret and Elise McMullen on a few songs. Paine, Pierret and McMullen have also put out a single in 2005, a remake of 'Thriller', under the name Four Peace Island. Paine explains his writing process. 'When I started this project, I wrote 20 songs and made demos. I made discs and had my friends choose their favorites and give me their top ten. Once I had the top ten, I rerecorded them. The end result has so many genres of electronic music. I might have too many sides to music, but it all sounds like me.' Some of Paine's signature sounds take the lead on Weird Conversations. 'Blissturbed' showcases the funky distorted clavinets erupting in a danceable house beat. 'I intentionally kept guitars off of this song, it's my main instrument and I rely on it a lot. When I wrote 'Blissturbed,' I made a point to keep any guitar sounds off of the track, ' Paine says. 'F.I.B.' and 'Weird Conversations' were co-written by Paine and Justin Pierret, and are reminiscent of Autechre. Once a duo electronic project, Paine and Pierret split up when Justin moved to New York to work in the financial industry. The duo decided to release the tunes on Paine's solo album. The title F.I.B. is a play on words of the F.B.I. A funny story about F.I.B. 'When F.I.B. was completed, I had a knock on my front door. When I opened up, there was an actual F.B.I agent on my front porch. I flipped out. It turns out that he was investigating my old neighbor who was applying for the F.B.I.' Paine elaborates. 'Wait Longer' and 'L'amour C'est Fou,' were also co-written songs. Pierret on 'L'amour C'est Fou' and Elise McMullen on both. 'Wait Longer,' is a latin flavored pop tune and 'L'amour,' a funkier down-tempo song. 'Elise, my wife, is a film producer and a singer. When I needed some type of vocal, I would have her sing on tunes. We eventually started writing songs, ' says Paine. Both songs have full lyrics and have been vocally compared to a young Madonna. 'Hoya,' has a dub style bass line and features one of Paine's favorite keyboards, the Casio SK-1. The SK-1 makes another appearance on 'Monumental,' an old fashioned electronic tune. Paine uses very minimal gear. 'I have Pro Tools, a few guitars, a bass and a toy keyboard. I didn't want to get into a lot gear, but use what I have at my disposal. The SK-1 is a fun piece of gear.' says Paine. Another sound Paine is fascinated with is duo harmony Latin guitars, which makes an appearance on 'Flaca.' 'I love guitar work like Strunz and Farrah or Lara and Reyes. Flaca was interesting to write. I wrote and demoed it in one day. When I went to recored for the album, I had my friend Stephen Rippy cut keyboards in his home studio in Dallas and email them to me. He gave me a Wurlitzer and a Hammond part. 'Reflection Of,' also has drum parts from my buddy Kevin McMullan, who also emailed his tracks to me. Stephen, Kevin and I have toyed with idea of doing a full album via email, but we haven't had the time,' says Paine. Rounding out the rest of the songs, 'Reflection Of'' a mesmerizing and moody piece that sucks you into a reflective trance state. 'Water Fat,' a down tempo song centered around a backwards guitar line. Taken as a whole, Weird Conversations is a great party album.


Artist: Chris W. Paine
Title: Weird Conversations
Genre: Electronic
Release Date: 24/10/2006
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 837101233750


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