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Somnium Xiii

Somnium Xiii

  • By Cold Colours
  • Release 01/01/1999
  • Music Genre Heavy Metal
  • Media Format CD
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Eclectic and very progressive metal music. Formerly WOLFTHORN, COLD COLOURS is a progressive dark metal band being the brainchild of brian j. huebner (DWOLE) with so many different influences it would be hard to describe with words alone. It combines brutal guttural death, industrial, gothic, majestic synth, black vox and progressive with clean gothic vocals and female vocals. Influences - IN THE WOODS..., MOONSPELL, SCULPTURED and even touches of OPETH. Very unique and excellent! - Dark Symphonies Label and Distro (US) COLD COLOURS display a beautifully crafted and primitive aspect of heavy metal that is so often forgotten. The magnificent dexterity of these guys is something of a prodigy. The drums sound as though they were recorded in a dark dungeon and the razor sharp guitars slice through each song with precision unheard of. Among the aforementioned aspects, which make this album the wonder it is, I also loved the dueling vocals contained within a few songs. I've always loved death and thrash vocals brought together. It's something about the two forms of music fighting that makes a song that much better. I'll willingly recommend this album to anyone who is remotely interested in metal. The inclusion of so many different styles into the album makes it's appeal universal not to mention timeless. - FROM S.O.D. #15 8 SKULLS I glanced at the bio which states 'COLD COLOURS play heavy dark rock that incorporates elements of death metal, gothic, industrial and prog rock', and I say - what a mess this is going to be. You know what? The bio was correct. COLD COLOURS is the mastermind of brian j. huebner, who recently changed the band's name from the original moniker WOLFTHORN. Each of the ten songs sounds different. Opening track 'agony' is indescribable yet memorable with the keyboards providing catchy melodies. 'suicidal somnium' and 'autumn reign" have a European flavor kind of like MOONSPELL. 'misguided entity' is heavy with aggressive vocals and a touch of industrial. Then comes 'a red rose in a blackened world' with some progressive tendencies; some clear vocals; some esoteric black metal vocals and perhaps a tinge of IN THE WOODS... weirdness. A song like 'lost' sounds like it could have fit on SCULPTURED's brilliant 'apollo ends.' my favorite track is next, 'wolfthorn' with it's industrial noises and aggressive vocals, complementing keyboards and gothic influences. 'the last regret', 'awake pt. 2' both excellent tunes. A reprise of 'autumn reign' and an unusual cover of DOKKEN's 'into the fire' round out 'Somnium XIII.' Definitely worth the risk. - FROM TRANSCENDING THE MUNDANE 93 OUT OF 100 Cold colours has released what happens to be a big breath of fresh air for this reviewer. Finally, a band that sounds original! This is an excellent debut that covers the whole spectrum of musical styles and emotions. At one moment, Cold Colours will be driving home a hard-hitting, Death Metal breakdown, and at the next the music becomes utterly somber, accented by lush keyboards and tastefully pleasant female vocals. Cold Colours happens to be one of the few bands that actually can pull such a feat of diversity off without sounding forced or contrived. Many of the songs are excursions into Industrial, and some even flirt with Goth Metal, but all the while there seems to be a solid base in standard songwriting, which is perhaps the true mark of genius afforded this opus. It allows the music to become experimental while still maintaining it's appeal. Perhaps some of our European brothers should take lessons from Cold Colours, for they are truly doing America proud. The cover song saga continues, by the way, with this release seeing Cold Colours performing what is perhaps the most surprising cover song of this issue: their own version of DOKKEN's classic, 'Into the Fire'. This disc is full of surprises and sure to compliment the collection of a wide variety of fans. Definitely check these guys out! - FROM PROMETHEAN CRUSADE, SUMMER 2000.


Artist: Cold Colours
Title: Somnium Xiii
Genre: Heavy Metal
Release Date: 01/01/1999
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 888174031651


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