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Great Cosmic Scheme

Great Cosmic Scheme

  • By Dame Fortune
  • Release 18/06/2002
  • Music Genre Heavy Metal
  • Media Format CD
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DAME FORTUNE: The Great Cosmic Scheme Many are bound, one moment pulled into the heady bliss at the pinnacle of experience, the next cast down and dragged through the misery of the lowest point of existence. Only a few have the heart to look beyond the surface, to pierce the veil, to set themselves truly free...Who turns the wheel of fate? What is the nature of the forces that control your destiny? This is the secret of Dame Fortune and the Great Cosmic Scheme... Once every generation, the critics declare Rock and Roll dead. At precisely that moment, the wheels of destiny turn and a new band emerges as Rock's saviors. Today, that band is DAME FORTUNE. DAME FORTUNE build their sonic palette from a foundation of classic 70's Rock (Kiss, Led Zeppelin and Aerosmith) and the best of 80's Metal (Motley Crue and Guns 'n Roses), along with contemporary Gothic, Alternative, Punk and even Hip-Hop influences. Fusing these styles together, DAME FORTUNE have created a new high voltage sound that appeals to fans of loud and powerful music across the generations. CHRISTIAN MARSHALL, the thunderously hard-hitting drummer, and JEFF WIRE, the driving and dexterous bassist, form a rock-solid rhythm section that allows the twin guitar attack of MICK JAMES and DAVID BLAKE to drive home razor-edged riffs and melodic leads that always serve the songs. At the center of the maelstrom is ROD KAY, the rail-thin, movie star handsome and charismatic singer whose raw, soulful, and passionate voice keeps listeners hanging on each word in every song. Most important are the songs. DAME FORTUNE's lyrics incorporate vivid imagery, masterful storytelling and compelling themes. This is evident from the darkly mysterious RED ROVER and the vampiric atmosphere of ANOTHER SOUL (BLASPHEMY AND EUPHORIA) to the over the top sexual braggadocio of TREASON and the emotionally stirring ballad OUTGUNNED (based on Walter Mosely's award winning novel 'Always Outnumbered, Always Outgunned'). The anthem L.A. CRAZY is a powerhouse groove monster that examines the unique strain of insanity that infects the residents of the City of Angels. DAME FORTUNE formed in Hollywood at the end of 2000 when guitarist DAVID BLAKE and bassist JEFF WIRE left local band Dark Night Radio. Blake's high school friend MICK JAMES left the Pittsburgh-based Kiss tribute band, Mr. Speed, and moved to California to become the third member of their dream band. Next, long time friend, graphic artist and Gothic scenster ROD KAY joined as vocalist. The band completed their lineup when they met drummer CHRISTIAN MARSHALL at their favorite strip club, the dearly departed Hollywood-a-Go-Go. Perfecting their high-energy stage show and testing out material, DAME FORTUNE played a series of blistering live shows throughout 2001. Now, DAME FORTUNE are celebrating their one year anniversary in 2002 with the independent release of their first CD, THE GREAT COSMIC SCHEME, the launching of their official website, and the acceleration of live performances both locally in L.A. and in surrounding areas, further spreading the word of a band whose dynamic sound has already drawn praise from such far off places as Germany, Japan, and the Netherlands. Representing a seismic shift from the navel gazing self-absorption of Grunge and the faux anger of irony choked Nu-Metal, DAME FORTUNE are entertainers. Their theatrical presentation includes pyrotechnics, sirens, banner, fog machines, strobe lights, and the fashion of up and coming local designer LA STREGA. But beyond that, DAME FORTUNE are ultimately songwriters with the musical muscle and lyrical depth to create a new legion of Generation X and Y true believers who can proudly call themselves Rock and Rollers.


Artist: Dame Fortune
Title: Great Cosmic Scheme
Genre: Heavy Metal
Release Date: 18/06/2002
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 670659098224


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