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Heal Our Land

Heal Our Land

  • By Dan Coleman
  • Release 27/11/2001
  • Music Genre Rock
  • Media Format CD
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Product Notes

On September 11, those who wish to destroy the United States brutally attacked our country. Americans everywhere are uniting in a great effort to triumph over this devastating loss. Some will assist with rescue and clean up; some will rebuild; some will give blood, money, time, or encouragement. The artists involved in this project have chosen to use their God-given talents to create music so that these horrid events will not be forgotten. They have co-written and produced a powerful song entitled, 'Heal Our Land'. Proceeds from this project will go to organizations assisting with the recovery effort, particularly ones benefiting the children of those lost in this catastrophe. A prayer put to music - 'Heal Our Land' is the prayer of a nation that is mourning a tragic loss and reaching out to God for peace, joy, and healing. 'Heal Our Land' is exceptionally beautiful with smooth harmonies and a superb melody. Powerfully anointed lyrics carry an inspirational message of hope and faith. Full orchestration, along with professional recording and mastering techniques give 'Heal Our Land' a brilliant sonic quality not found in many recordings. Singers and soloists will love the fact that the lyrics and accompaniment track are included with the CD. They will sing the glorious harmonies in American churches all across our great land. We urge you to add this beautiful recording to your collection. You will be helping your fellow Americans raise disaster relief funds for those affected most by the dreadful tragedies of September 11. ARTIST'S BIO: There is something very special about Dan Coleman; something that makes people sit up and take notice. Maybe it's his presence on stage. Then again, maybe it is his voice: a pure baritone/tenor with a soothing falsetto. These special qualities come from years of persistent study, performance, and constant exposure to a broad spectrum of musical influences. Dan's love of music and it's deep-rooted presence in his life go way back to age two, when his father began taking him to 'all-night-gospel-sings.' The legendary James Blackwood of the Blackwood Brothers Quartet literally cradled Dan in his arms following a Nashville concert while Dan was still an infant. Singing in the children's choir at church and taking clarinet lessons soon followed, along with a great deal of encouragement from his parents. They encouraged him to follow in the footsteps of the 'greats' such as Pete Fountain, Boots Randolph, and Artie Shaw. Growing up, Dan was influenced by a great diversity of singers, including: Art Garfunkle, Andy Williams, Danny Gaither, Michael Crawford, Dallas Holm, Gary McSpadden, and even a ballad or two by Bobby Goldsboro. Choir, clarinet lessons, and vocal training continued through elementary school, high school, and college. In college, Dan chose to minor in music with an emphasis in vocal performance, where he had the opportunity to tour the southeastern states performing with the Clemson University Chorus. He also took part in the recording of an album by the Chorus. In 1976, the Clemson Department of Music honored Dan with the prestigious Best Male Vocalist award. Over the years, Dan has shared his love of music by directing church choirs, leading congregational singing and teaching voice lessons. He has also integrated his knowledge of electrical engineering, computers, and music into his favorite hobby: recording, which in turn led to his accumulating enough recording gear to record and produce music in his own home studio. In 1999, four years after the passing of his dad, Dan self-produced and released a CD entitled, 'The King's Birthday' a Christmas tribute to his beloved father. Considering the many styles of music that Dan has performed and listened to, it is not surprising that he has developed his own distinctive style of vocal delivery. Emotional, heartbreaking melodies would not be as heartbreaking if singers did not pour their very essence into their songs. When an artist does that, the power of the singer lures the listener into the very song itself. Dan Coleman has blended his heart and soul into his music, whether he sings good old-fashioned southern gospel, distinguished church hymns, or formal sacred arias. To hear his voice cry out while singing a song like 'Had It Not Been' or 'The Anchor Holds' makes you feel a part of the song. To Dan Coleman, excellence is the only standard that matters. The atrocities that took place in New York, Washington, and Pennsylvania stirred Dan's desire to express his feelings through music once again. Dan and his wife Sharon have co-written a powerful song entitled, 'Heal Our Land' - a prayer set to music with powerful lyrics and an inspirational message of hope and faith. Today Dan has a new goal - that of raising relief funds for charity organizations dedicated to helping the hundreds of children that lost one or both parents on September 11. ARTIST'S COMMENTARY: a*troc*i*ty (noun) 1. An atrocious act of cruelty or violence inflicted by an enemy force upon civilians or prisoners. No other word can better describe the events that took place in New York, Washington, or Pennsylvania on September 11. So indelibly imprinted on our minds are the horrid events that we have all felt moved to do something to ease the pain. I felt so helpless. So helpless - I did not know what to do. I could give blood, but only a pint. I could give money, but only a few dollars. I could give time, but only a few hours. What difference would that make? I could pray. Yes. Yes, I could pray! I could pray to the creator for peace, joy, and healing for our country and for our fellow Americans who are hurting. Yes; and I could put my prayer to music and share it with the world. Yes; and I could donate the proceeds from my record sales to charities that would benefit the children who are left orphaned because of the atrocities. Yes! Yes! Yes! That is how I can make a difference, and that is exactly what I have set my mind to do. My father always told me - 'You can achieve anything you want in life, son. There is only one way to fail; and, that is to quit. SO, NEVER, NEVER QUIT! Now go out there and do whatever you've set your mind to.' My wife, Sharon, and I have co-written and produced a powerful song entitled, 'Heal Our Land'. A prayer set to music - 'Heal Our Land' is the prayer of a nation that is mourning a tragic loss and reaching out to God for peace, joy, and healing. 'Heal Our Land' is exceptionally beautiful with smooth harmonies and a superb melody. Powerfully anointed lyrics carry an inspirational message of hope and faith. I pray that this song will be an inspiration to you and your family. Now, I am asking you, won't you kindly help raise money for these kids? 'Heal Our Land' is a beautiful song with a powerful message. I sing it from the bottom of my heart with great passion and great pride. You CAN help by adding, 'Heal Our Land' to your CD collection today. May God Bless You All, Dan Coleman.


Artist: Dan Coleman
Title: Heal Our Land
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 27/11/2001
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 656613467220


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