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Brooklyn Prayer

Brooklyn Prayer

  • By Dan Nadel
  • Release 14/12/2004
  • Music Genre Jazz
  • Media Format CD
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Product Notes

Dan Nadel's debut album, Brooklyn Prayer, is a rich, introspective recording that explores the subtler cultures of New York's most populated borough. Joined by bass veteran Lonnie Plaxico and percussionist Gilad, Nadel, the Israeli-born guitarist, delivers a series of exhilarating Latin pieces interspersed with other compositions bearing traces of Middle Eastern, flamenco and North American influences. Nadel favors the Spanish and steel string guitars on this recording, focusing on colors and sounds, and displaying a strong and expressive guitar voice. Combining classical finesse and all-out grit in his sound, with a very wide improvisational canvas, he truly makes the guitar feel like a human voice. Together with Plaxico's sumptuous tone and Gilad's constant rhythmic variations, the album provides the listener with an emotional retreat that leaves one pleading for more. The album as a whole is on the soft-spoken side, conveying a poignant and meditative mood -- appropriately reflecting the title, Brooklyn Prayer. Yet, all numbers have a quiet drive, and the trio's tight playing makes for a joyful listening experience. Singer Michal Cohen brings in additional color on a number of tracks. The lush arrangments feature her haunting sound, vocalizing the infectious melodies of 'Warm Shades of Beauty' and 'Dark Glasses', which linger on in the listeners mind long after they have listened to the recording. In addition, Ms. Cohen adds a mesmerizing voice to Nadel's lyrics on 'Summer Days'. All compositions are by Nadel and he shows a surprising affinity to South American cultures, evoking the spirits of Louis Bonfa and Egberto Gismonti. A busy musician on New York's scene, many will have heard Nadel's excellent electric and acoustic guitar playing. He performs regularly at venues such as Birdland, S.O.B's, Cafe Wha?, Makor, The Bitter End and The Cutting Room. Nadel has also worked with many world renown arists, including -- Chico Freeman, Dave Liebman, Brazilian saxophonist Leo Gandelman, and singer/songwriters Valerie Troutt and Rahsaan Salandy. Nadel is a graduate of the BFA jazz program at the New School, and is proud to list among his world-class teachers, Billy Harper, Hal Galper, Jane Ira Bloom, Vic Juris, Armen Donelian, and classical guitarist Virginia Luque. New York has proven to be an ideal place for a musician so passionate about exploring styles from around the world -- ranging from Brazilian music to flamenco, from jazz to Middle Eastern, and bluegrass to rock. Prior to moving to New York in 1997, Nadel completed a three-year compulsory army duty in Israel, where he served as the guitarist for the Israel Defense Forces' Air Force Band. Nadel graduated from the jazz program at the prestigious Thelma Yellin High School for the Performing Arts in Tel Aviv. Nadel lists John Coltrane, Paco De Lucia, Keith Jarrett, and Billie Holiday among his major musical influences. About his commitment to his art, Nadel says, 'I believe our need for music is one of our primal instincts. To me, the great artists are those who have the magical ability to transfer us far away, to a time when music and dance meant everything to people --God, love, war, peace -- it is the embodiment of the sensation of being completely alive.'


Artist: Dan Nadel
Title: Brooklyn Prayer
Genre: Jazz
Release Date: 14/12/2004
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 616892613329


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