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Hearts to the Sun

Hearts to the Sun

  • By David Fein
  • Release 09/03/2004
  • Music Genre New Age
  • Media Format CD
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Product Notes

ABOUT HEARTS TO THE SUN This album is the result of a collaborative effort consisting of the artists' intent on exploring and applying the healing properties of music and building a transitional bridge between the physical and spiritual worlds. In October '95, Flautist/Composer David Fein of Sandia Park, NM., and Musician/Flute Maker Eric Marczak of Delanson, NY., received the unmistakable message, 'do the album', from a dear friend, Tom Lamberton, who died from lung cancer in October '94. Since that beautiful fall day, other musicians versed in healing arrived with their purest of intentions and skills. Among them, Paul Thompson, local Navajo Artist, whose skill as a Flute Maker and his knowledge of traditional Native American music served as a guiding beacon long before the concept of this album. Paul's song, 'Pleasant Memories', was performed using his first hand crafted flute. David Fein bought his first Native American style flute from Paul Thompson while on vacation in New Mexico in 1989. He brought the flute back to New Lebanon, NY. and played in the stairwells at work during lunch hour. One note on the flute in the stairwell could be a song. Each precious breath of a dream exhaled through the flute goes out to the universe like a pebble tossed into a quite pond. David's dream was to move to New Mexico and be near Paul to learn more about tradition songs and flute making skills. In 1994 the dream came true, but after a couple of months living in the new home, he learned his best friend, Tom Lamberton, was dying of cancer. Thinking flute music might help Tom through this transitional period, Dave went back to Albany, NY and played flute for 3 days with Eric. Tom enjoyed the music and passed away during Dave's flight home. Dave joined a Hospice group in Albuquerque which began his most profound journey in his life's work and flute playing. Author/Music Therapist Susan Elizabeth Hale of Arroyo Seco, NM., whose devotion to song and healing helped exemplify a sense of purpose. Susan's book is titled 'Song and Silence - Voicing the Soul' and she keeps busy by conducting music therapy workshops. Celtic Harpist, Christine Tullis, of Santa Fe, NM, tours the country offering her individual style which is nothing short of celestial. Christine discovered the Celtic Harp as a profound tool of expression with love and respect for all life to share. Christine and Susan combine powerfully on 'Rosa Mystica', which was an impromptu composition. Eric Marczak came to Albuquerque from his upstate NY studio to help with the album. His cornucopia of loving hand-crafted folk flutes was influenced by European, South and North American designs. Eric is devoted to the preservation and construction of folk instruments threatened by extinction. One tune on the album, 'Rimoc'', was resurrected from an ancient Hungarian melody collected in the field by composer Bela Barrok in the early part of this century. In addition, Eric's digital keyboard and composition skill flows out onto these tracks of healing music. The Album was recorded as the phenomenal acoustic environs of The Santa Fe Center Studios in Albuquerque, NM. Engineer/Producer Doug Geist quite naturally assumed his role as sonic sculptor. Doug worked his magic to enhance the profound voice of the wooden flutes and contributed other creative touches in the production of the album. Music Review From Kindred Spirit Quarterly Summer (1998) Issue 43 UK's leading guide for body mind & spirit. Music created using Native American-style flutes. Other instruments featured are Celtic harp, piano, Tibetian bowl,wind chimes and human voice. Special praise for 'Rain Song'which has a beautiful piano improvisation, and the tracks 'Forgiveness and 'Lifeline' for their inspiring percussion and laden atmosphere. A fine release, well- produced and recorded. Imaginative flute-centred sounds. Some Letters From Bill Bard Houston, Texas Dear Dave, Having purchased you beautiful 'Hearts to the Sun' CD at the Abiqui Inn north of Sante Fe in June, I have really enjoyed it and shared with many people here in Houston. Congratulations on a fine piece of work. From Betty Mathias Granite City, Illinios Dear Sir, I was recently visiting in the Mabel Dodge House in Taos,NM. and they were playing 'Hearts to the Sun'. They told me where they thought I might find a tape or disc but I didn't have an opportunity to search. If you are the player-composer, I think your great. I want to hear more.


Artist: David Fein
Title: Hearts to the Sun
Genre: New Age
Release Date: 09/03/2004
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 884501792998


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