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Both born in Palermo (Sicily), we are Davide Citrolo (finferstyle acoustic guitar) and Leonardo Triassi (diatonic harmonica). Although both of us have dedicated well over 25 years of our musical study and passion to the blues and it's roots, in the last few years our focus has more and more shifted toward the music we were rooted in and surrounded by - the sounds straddling the Mediterranean Sea. Acquerelli includes 12 tracks and also 12 watercolors, original artwork by the painter Enrico Cataldo. Each watercolor is meant to match one of the 12 tracks on the album, with the aim of somehow guiding the listener to merge the music and images herein. DAVIDE CITROLO Born in Palermo in 1959, fingerpicking guitarist. Since the early 1980's, Davide has been devoutly studying such guitar style and techniques, thus realizing the widespread usage of alternate bass lines also in several songs by the Italian songwriters of the day. As many of his generation, Davide is an entirely 'self-made' guitarist, as long as instructional material of any kind concerning advanced fingerstyle was most often unreachable in those years. Fortunately, though, the Kicking Mule and Tacoma Records LP proved to be instrumental to get in-depth into the subject - beginning with it's roots, the Delta Blues. Soon after this, Davide embarked in an electric blues season of some ten years with the "Red Roosters" rock-blues band. Such endeavor allowed him to appear in two relevant national compilation of then emerging new Blues bands in Italy. In 2008, perhaps mature enough (age-wise - and technically), Davide launches himself into composing his own music - something he had entirely underrated insofar. To his own great surprise, Davide realized that his own music was a true mix made of Blues and sounds from the Mediterranean - thus leaving room to the "Afterblues" project, his first album. "Afterblues" includes original tracks that have then become the soundtrack of a scientific documentary concerning the Mediterranean Sea - unsurprisingly. LEONARDO TRIASSI Harp player, 'self-made', Leonardo is a very much praised musician, particularly due to his technical capabilities and his musical drive. Having devoted his time entirely to studying the Blues and black music overall, Leonardo is often busy organizing clinics concerning the harmonica and it's role in Blues music. During the years he has concentrated on the technical side of the instrument thanks to artists such as Carlos Del Junco and Howard Levy. Also, Leonardo has been touring with artists of international standard, such as Louisiana Red, Kant Duchaine, Andy J. Forest, Johnny Heartsman, Chris Jones, Herbie Goins, Mario Insenga (Blue Stuff), Vincenzo Mancuso, etc. Leonardo is the author of two harmonica instructional books, distributed across Europe; he also founded and runs the first and so far only Italian website entirely devoted to harmonica (doctorharp. It). During the last few years, Leonardo has approached Swing and has then explored his way toward Jazz and World Music, experimenting harp in unexplored sounds and roles. His music truly his the sound of the soul, crisply and vividly highlighting any kind of tune, enriching it with his own personal and exclusive verve. Leonardo's harp thus stands as a bonfire, ready to start up and electrifying the audience.


Artist: Davide Citrolo & Leonardo Triassi
Title: Acquerelli
Genre: Folk
Release Date: 12/07/2011
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 885767758100
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