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50 Shades of Red

50 Shades of Red

  • By Dawn Avery
  • Release 08/07/2014
  • Music Genre Pop
  • Media Format CD
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Product Notes

It's all about love - from the sensual to the spiritual! 50 Shades of Love, 50 kinds of love sweep over and blanket the listener in this new DOWN TEMPO Native recording. See info on specific tracks listed below. 50 Shades of Red is also a one-hour theatrical and ceremonial show with music, dance, and film. Produced by Grammy Winning Larry Mitchell. Grammy nominated cellist, vocalist, and songwriter, Dawn Avery calls on her Mohawk heritage to bring new meaning to passion in this newest recording 50 Shades of Red as she makes love to her cello and sings with her smoky voice evoking powerful emotions and beauty. Dawn has created music with Grammy award winning producer and guitar texturalist (and electrifying soloist) that takes you on a journey from start to finish. TRACK INFO: Beginning with the song "My Heart Is Strong," (see online video of live performance), she sets the stage with chill percussion, luscious strings, and acoustic guitar solos while singing about our ability to have a strong heart through adversity. Next, Dawn keeps a strong heart by taking charge as an Ndn girl who calls the shots with her cowboy in "Ndn Girl On Top." You can read into the words as you wish! "Strawberry Field Forever" is sung mostly in Mohawk, but even without knowing the meaning, the sensuality seeps in through Dawn's voice, strings, and Larry's powerful electric guitar solo. For translation of these juicy lyrics see Dawn's website... "Otsiketa" means Sugar or sweet one in Mohawk, so be sure to whisper Otsiketa to someone you love (lover, grandparent, pet... of course I imagine the inflection will change depending on who you lean over for that endearment). The song is a heart-warming love song that uses the Mohawk creation as a metaphor for true love. "Two Spirit" is dedicated to Ty Defoe (Grammy winning singer/musician) who is playing flute and singing back-up on "Otsiketa." This song is about the world of two-spirits who carry their own kind of love. "Heart Shadows" is a new rendition of a song written by Larry Mitchell - listen to those beautiful guitars, and the conversation between cello and guitar as we all may come out of the shadows the heart may sometimes project. "Bear Tracks" is a basically a healing song about how a broken heart may feel when someone stomps all over it. Title Tracks - 50 Shades of Red - be surprised! Best when Parts 1, 2, and 3 are heard in sequence, but can also be heard separately. "My Life With You" is about being in this world with sky beings watching over us - protecting us, guiding us, loving us. "Non: wa Tsiotkon (Now, Always)" was used in the film "Always Becoming" by Nora Naranjo-Morse. I'd be interested in hearing where this one brings you and what your experience is of this song - actually all the songs. Hope to hear from you and that you may experience at least 50 Shades of Red! QUOTES about 50 Shades of Red: "Love is quite literally in the air as vibrations leave Dawn's divine voice and sultry digs of her cello. There is a tangible freedom in her work to love freely - children, lovers, parents, friends, nature, art, our selves, our fears, and the divine. Although almost every musician has written about love, there is nothing trite or commonplace about love in this recording. She allows us to feel the expansive, amorphousness of love, taking the shape of each person's heartfelt imagination. Once you hear this recording or see the show, you will feel deeply loved for who you are and who you love." Anjuli George "To me, Dawn Avery is like a storyteller, reminding us of what is real and what is beautiful...opening our hearts to what has always been there, love - all shades of love putting us at ease in acceptance and unity... through her voice and music we are filled with love, joy, and healing." Shahrzad Eini Short Bio: Rarely are performers as at home in Lincoln Center as they are in a Longhouse. Dawn Avery's Kanienkéha (Mohawk) name is Ieriho: kwats and she wears the turtle clan. Composer, cellist, vocalist, educator, GRAMMY and NAMA nominated performer Dawn Avery has worked with musical luminaries Luciano Pavarotti, Sting, John Cale, John Cage, R. Carlos Nakai and Joanne Shenandoah. She's toured around the world playing Delta Blues with the Soldier String Quartet, Persian Funk with Sussan Deyhim, and opera with the New York City Opera Company. Committed to Indigenous language and cultural preservation as a musician, educator and participant of Longhouse ceremonies, she leads workshops and produces projects as part of the Native Composer's Project. In addition to touring her most recent project 50 Shades of Red, Dawn Avery tours with the North American Indian Cello Project, in which she premieres contemporary classical works by Native composers. She recently completed her doctoral degree in ethnomusicology on Native Classical composition. Our Fire: Contemporary Native American Song won several nominations in the Indian Summer Awards, New Mexico Music Awards, and Native American Music Awards. Rapidly Approaching Ecstasy: Music for Movement and Meditation features world grooves on each chakra along with a bonus guided visualization track. Both are available on Her music can be heard on several award-winning films, including: "Basquiat," "Tadpole," and The Smithsonian's "Always Becoming" by Nora Naranjo-Morse and "Don't Get Sick After June: Indian Health Care" by Rich/Heape Films. Once again, Her most recent project and recording 50 Shades of Red features music, dance, film, and ritual. Nurturing future generations, Dawn Avery is a professor at Montgomery College and holds a PhD in Ethnomusicology.


Artist: Dawn Avery
Title: 50 Shades of Red
Genre: Pop
Release Date: 08/07/2014
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 888295112956


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