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Through Thick & Thin

Through Thick & Thin

  • By Dear Diary
  • Release 07/11/2013
  • Music Genre Pop
  • Media Format CD
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2 1/2 years prior to recording my first song, 'Time Apart,' I had just picked up the guitar and started singing to express my grief over a painful break-up with a girl I'd been dating on and off for 3 years. In March, 2013, after playing a handful of shows and open-mics, I decided it was time to record. I got a job at McDonald's and recorded 'Time Apart.' The week that I finished recording that song, I wrote another song, called 'Seventeen' which I composed and recorded within two weeks-- which was a cool accomplishment for me. Ha-ha. Later that year, I recorded 'One Foot in Front of the Other,' 'In God's Time,' 'Insomnia,' and 'Jamie's Lullaby.' Here's what each song means to me: Time Apart: When I was 16 years old, I was reading Song of Songs (Song of Solomon) and decided to make a song based off the events in the book. I used the song for my final in a music theory class at my high school. After that, I decided I didn't like the song, so I stopped playing it-- until about 8 months later when my mom reminded me of it. I decided to play the song for my high school talent show, and ended up winning 1st place. Two days after the talent show is when I finished recording it in the studio. I tried to make the lyrics to this song as empathize-able as possible; the bridge, 'Overseas, across galaxies, it does not make a difference; I miss you, I miss you' refers to soldiers 'overseas' or dead loved-ones 'across galaxies.' Seventeen: Originally, the first lyrics for this song were, 'Oh, shit, I'm Seventeen; my life sure did seem to fly right past my eyes.' I was sitting on my couch one night and came to the realization that about 1/4 of my life was already gone, and I hadn't really done anything significant. I was feeling very lonely at the stage of my life, 'friends came and went, many times I spent weekends alone.' The 'chorus' 'eighteen will come, I know I'll find someone to love' is me expressing, basically, that some day I'll find 'the one' that I'll spend the rest of my life with-- and I'll never have to be alone again until death separates us. In God's Time: On the physical CD, it says 'In God's Time' dedicated to Kelly Jo. Kelly Jo is my friend that went to a rehabilitation clinic for several months due to self-harm. I wrote it the night after we hung out, once she was out of the clinic. It's basically me reminding her that she'll get through everything, and that these trials and tribulations that she faces will all be gone... In God's Time. One Foot in Front of the Other: This song helped me achieve my goal of releasing my CD before I turned 18. Honestly, since I was a little kid, I've had suicidal thoughts. The very first verse means the most to me when I want to give up, 'You say that you want to give it up. You say that you ain't got no luck; well, I'll tell you now, you won't make it anywhere with an attitude like that.' Insomnia: As stated above, I've had suicidal thoughts since I was pretty young... I wrote this song while I was working full-time at a job that I absolutely hated, going through a break up and fighting with my parents. I was very tired--but restless-- both emotionally and physically. Jamie's Lullaby: This song was written October 7th-- two days after two girls at my school died in a car accident. This is a piano instrumental I wrote that expresses the emotion I felt that day at school. It's called 'Jamie's Lullaby' because (1) it sounds like a lullaby, (2) I'd like to name one of my kids (if I have any) Jamie, and (3) the song before it is 'Insomnia,' so I thought it would be cool to have a lullaby right after a song about restlessness. Also, if taken in context of the lyrics of 'Insomnia,' it leaves you with an 'unknowing-ness' of whether or not the person (if listened to like a story) commits suicide or not. My alias is 'Dear Diary' because that's exactly what this is-- it's my musical diary. I'm writing my journal through music. So, when you listen to Dear Diary, you're listening to my life. I hope you can empathize with the lyrics, and maybe be helped/learn from them. :)


Artist: Dear Diary
Title: Through Thick & Thin
Genre: Pop
Release Date: 07/11/2013
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 888295012027


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