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This singer/songwriter's voice exudes expression that can only come from a full life's experiences and trials...The guitar work emerges as uncommonly intricate and harmonically robust. Sparse arrangements poignantly back tender, powerful lyrics. The collection, produced by Daniel Pagdon, including two award-winning songs, features examples of Denise's best writing, and certainly the most haunting pieces in her repertoire. Accompanied by Pagdon on Contra Bass Guitar, with brilliantly arranged Horn and Flute accents by Matt Finley, this volume of songs also features the Voice of veteran back-up singer Penny Nichols, and the Piano of Grammy Award winner Clifford Carter. 'Denise can do it all - write, sing, play, and perform. It's a treat to hear her, and I always learn something when I do' ~David Roth 'A gorgeous album' ~Penny Nichols 'Denise Jordan Finley and Daniel Pagdon, wow!' ~Jim Marzano, A.I.R. Studio 'There just aren't enough superlatives to do your new CD justice. I seem to have a problem--I can't get it out of my CD player. I keep waiting for a mediocre song to come on so i can eject it or fast forward it but I can't find one that is not exquisite! You've created an album that is an eight course meal. Complete with several appetizers, entrees and desserts. Despite feeling fully sated by the meal, it leaves me wanting to consume it again and again and again... Your restaurant gets five stars out of four!' ~Tom Ryan DETAILS ABOUT THE SONGS... MEMORIAL DAY ...the opening lyrics of this first track were taken from the headstone of a very old grave in Pine Plains, NY, where my family has lived for seven generations. JUST OUTSIDE OF TIME ...dedicated to the memory of Bruce Morrison who died just outside the train station in Pawling, New York. MIDNIGHT BLUE ...looking out at the sun setting behind a grove of trees when i was still in my teens. This song took decades to finish, but the harmonics of the chordal arrangement, with it's haunting flute and vibes interwoven melodies musically states exactly what i saw and felt in those days. LITTLE SECRETS ...based on the true story of a courageous woman UNDER THE RADAR ...with the second half of life, come new songs of rebellion WENDIGO ...Dwain Story wrote this song based on the Algonquin tale LOVERS WATCH THE MOON ...inspired by the full moon making it's ascent on the horizon on the road home HOW FAIR IS MY BABY ...a lullaby Often microscopic in nature, the songs focus on everyday people and the familiar events of life, while bringing forth the poignant and often dramatic details as are felt deep in the spirit and the heart. The recently released CD, HAUNTRESS is decidedly metaphysical in tone. Finley's vocals, show expression coming from a full life of observation, compassion, sorrow and joy... Her guitar work emerges as uncommonly intricate, harmonically compelling, and rhythmically powerful. Denise has performed her original songs since she was first honored in 'Super Teen,' a national music awards contest for emerging young artists. She has played with and composed for such bands as The Young Pretenders; Dick Staber and The Yonder City Bluegrass Band; and Rio Jazz. She has appeared with Bill Keith, Tony Trishka and Skyline, Aztec Two Step, Priscilla Herdman, Sally Rogers, Howie Burson, Steve Gillette, Bob Franke, Kenny Edwards, Tom Kimmel, Pat Donehue, Sloan Wainright, Penny Nichols, Ann Hills, Michael Smith; and has been accompanied by some of the best bassists in the world: Freebo, Mark Egan, Dick Kniss, Roger Mason, and most recently, Daniel Pagdon. Contra Bass Guitarist, Daniel Pagdon, discovered his instrument at the age of 11, and hasn't put it down since, making a lifetime career of playing with Rich Hozza, Todd Wolfe, Paul Carbonara, Bobby Whitlock, Jim Ehinger, Mike Lattrel, and Hiro Suzuki, Frank Giasullo (professor of Jazz Studies at Princeton,) Bob Sanders of 'Stormcrow', Taff Freeman from Nektar, Peter Karp and the Roadshow, Mike Agronoff, and Mick Taylor to name some! Both are self-taught in their craft. Between them they have over three decades of playing music for live audiences in concert halls, small venues, and festivals. Between them, they have appeared on AM, FM, Public, and Internet Radio. Between them, they have appeared on local and national television. They have covered coast to coast United States, Europe, and the high seas. Finley has received song writing Honors from The New Jersey Folk Festival, Falcon Ridge Emerging Artist Showcase, and numerous times from The Great American Songwriting Contest, and The Plowshares Songwriting Competition. In 2007 her songs won an unprecedented three catagory sweep in The Walnut Valley Folk Festival. ..'A superb blend of genres, folk, country, jazz, blues, rock, with an awesome style all your own!!! Five stars high & five stars wide!!!!! (Wade Farlowe, Soundclick) 'Denise can do it all - write, sing, play, and perform. It's a treat to hear her, and I always learn something when I do' (David Roth) 'Here's the scoop du jour in northern Dutchess County: Finley is the hardest-working woman in Hudson Valley nightlife...playing contemporary folk and guitar-based instrumentals as a musical digestif' (The Chronogram) 'Gluteus Maximus Kickin' ' (Sloan Wainwright) 'Superb musician' (The Country and Abroad) '...Your songs ere evocative and well-crafted, your guitar playing extraordinary...I love your voice!' (David Simpkins, Meadow Creek Gazette)


Artist: Denise Jordan Finley
Title: Hauntress
Genre: Folk
Release Date: 19/06/2007
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 700261217666


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