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Visions of a Ghost

Visions of a Ghost

  • By Dfex
  • Release 17/08/2004
  • Music Genre Rock
  • Media Format CD
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Coming straight out of the white sand beaches and tourist ridden streets of Panama City Beach, Florida, Dfex quickly became a light in the vast darkness of Jimmy Buffet and Lynard Skynard cover bands. Before long Dfex was breaking local club records and attracting the interest of radio and industry top dogs. They built up a large following supported by their first demo, the legendary, 'Learning From the Speaker'. They were the talk of the town and thanks to support from the local radio station they were set to showcase their blend of hard rock and harmony to the majors, everything was happening and then....they were gone. In that short time between January 2000 to January 2001, Dfex sold hundreds of cds, climbed to #5 of over 13,000 songs on, beat countless bands on the smash or trash feature on Northwest Florida's rock station, 97X, and had become hometown heroes, and then without warning, they vanished.....or did they? Personal circumstances forced an unplanned hiatus of the greatest bands Panama City had ever known. But in the winter of 2002, the clouds parted and the brothers Patterson, Shane on vocals and John guitars, started anew with a fresh attitude and a new creative energy. They soon found themselves in the old 'shed' jamming with original Dfex bass player Dave Hill. Everything fell back into place as co-founding guitar player Brook Green signed on, as well as the resurrection of original drummer Bryan Beasley. Shortly thereafter they landed in the studio with producer JJ Crews, and a brand new record deal. Visions Of A Ghost, their debut ep, was about to happen. Fresh out of the studio, the band promptly broke two different local club records in a row. Now, at the beginning of summer 2004 it appears the people are ready for Dfex, and Dfex is ready for the people. Regardless of the venue, their live shows simply rock. Shane's vocal presence inspired one reviewer to write ' I get an Ozzy meets Plant, driven by modern rock. I'm awake. I like.' John never fails to excite, and incite, the crowd with his 'rock star' antics and amazing guitar work. The rest of the band fills out the show with impeccable tightness and a thundering rhythm section. They have drawn comparisons to such successes as Incubus, Taproot and System Of A Down, but no one can say Dfex hasn't created a completely original sound, ' this is not your typical run of the mill heavy band...very beautiful and effective harmonies, great execution' says another reviewer. At the heart of Dfex are the lyrics, Shane's quest for an unimpeachable philosophy and the perfect love make Dfex appeal to anyone who feels, and questions why they feel. 'Come run away with me, the way we used to run to see the world....because it's willed for us to be,', Shane sings in the reggae doused love ballad 'Willed To Be.' The band looks forward to spreading their sound to the rest of the country this year on their promotional tour with Ozzfest, but,'covering the south comes first,' says the band. 'Florida has a lot more to offer than the commercial void of boy bands and Disneyland pop music.' This fall will commence their sweep of the southeast as they tour in support of 'Visions Of A Ghost.' 'Sure we want to take on the world, but we want to conquer our own stomping ground first. There is something special here,' says Dave, and judging by the thousands that come to see them, he's right..... Come see for yourself.


Artist: Dfex
Title: Visions of a Ghost
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 17/08/2004
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 639441030620


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