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Tree of Life

Tree of Life

  • By Dorit Brauer
  • Release 15/11/2011
  • Music Genre Christian
  • Media Format CD
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Guided Imagery - a Western Meditation The practice of guided imagery meditation is a long-standing tradition in Western culture. The words meditation and medicine are derived from the Latin mederi, which means to find the right measure. It is interesting to notice that in ancient times medicine and mediation were closely connected together. The word mederi also points us to the middle, or the center, the place of perfect balance, which we can also find in the mandala or the labyrinth. The earliest practice of Guided Imagery dates back to Ancient Greece. Hierophants guided their students onto inner journeys to explore the landscape of their own soul, to prepare for the next step of their spiritual development. In ancient times the inner journey was considered sacred. Even the few times people traveled, they most likely went on pilgrimages, where the emphasis was entirely placed on the inner experience. Today, in our modern world, we travel more than ever before in the outside world. We can easily reach any place on the planet. But seldom have we looked within. I invite you to explore the rich territory of your inner landscape and embark onto this exciting adventure of self-discovery. Healing Sound Healing & Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls The CD features the relaxing sound of quartz crystal singing bowls, a tool for sound healing. The sound of the singing bowls induces alpha wave level activity of the brain, a deeply relaxed pre-sleep state of mind, often experienced as a state for floating between falling asleep and awakening. This alpha wave level activity of the brain allows you to experience deep relaxation, the self healing power of the body is activated and vivid imagery and dream like states may occur. This is the place where you are connecting to your higher self and experience the true essence of who you are. The sound of the singing bowls also balances the hemispheres of the brain and allows your logical (left) and intuitive (right) brain to work together harmoniously for optimum performance. Benefits Systematic evaluations of my meditation and guided imagery classes were conducted as I taught for Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield and at the Center for Complementary Medicine at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center in Pennsylvania. Students who completed the eight and ten week courses experienced the following benefits: • 75% improved sleep • 74% reported decreased pain • 82% improved concentration and energy level • 92% decreased anxiety • 100% improved well-being and ability to cope with stress Listening to these meditations regularly will allow you the experience these positive benefits and more. How to listen to the Tree of Life Meditations - The CD features 3 different tracks. You may listen to them in one continuous session or one at a time. - While listening, sit or lie down comfortably and cover yourself with a blanket. Oftentimes as you relax your body temperature drops and you will want to stay warm. - People who have suffered from insomnia reported that they preferred listening to the CD at night, playing it repeatedly. The sound of the singing bowls induces a relaxed state of mind and therefore allows for a good night sleep and bright new day. - I encourage you to keep a journal and record the messages from your inner self and the gifts you receive. - Listening to this CD is very beneficial during hospital stays or during treatments for oncology patients. Disclaimer: The CD is designed to create deep states of relaxation, therefore NEVER, under any circumstance, listen to this CD while driving or operating machinery. The practice of meditation and guided imagery is considered safe for the healthy individual. However, in case of emotional and behavioral disorders, mental disease or severe anxiety, you are advised to consult your mental health professional before listening to the CD. The Birth of the Tree of Life Guided Meditation: In the fall of 2010 I taught a ten week Manifest Your Destiny course. The course teaches students to discover their true calling and draw their infinite potential from the intangible realm of light into this physical realm via the ten spheres of the Tree of Life. During the first session we had lost track of time as I answered students' questions about the sphere, Keter (in Hebrew) or Crown, which represents the upper worlds and the highest potential for our lifetime here on earth. I realized that we wouldn't have the time to practice the longer guided meditation that I had planned. I wasn't quite sure which meditation to pick. Being an avid meditator for 30 years, I trusted the process, started playing the quartz crystal singing bowls and set my intention of finding a way to convey the beauty and magnificence of the Tree of Life. As I guided the meditation and connected to the light, I relaxed and felt a sudden shift. I was overcome by a sense of lightness and awe-inspiring peace. In front of my inner eye images unfolded, depicting a journey from the tree of our old habits and outdated beliefs towards a magnificent golden tree, more beautiful than anything I had ever seen. I described these images to my students and upon their return from their inner journey; they all reported a deep sense of joy and blissful anticipation about their brilliant futures and all the good that will unfold. Since then I have been teaching this meditation. Students experience beautiful results and powerful positive life changes. Now I am happy to share this guided meditation with you. The Deeper Meaning The Light 25:23 - Inhale the light, exhale everything that does not serve your highest good. Let your light shine bright and radiant. The meditative journey is called the journey to enlightenment. It makes a lot of sense to visualize light. You may visualize bright, brilliant, white light or your favorite colors. The progressive relaxation guides you through your body and allows you to release everything that doesn't serve your highest good any longer. You consciously may breathe out memories of injuries, surgeries; physical and emotional trauma. This process allows for deep healing. Scientific research has shown that by bringing your awareness to different parts of your body a physiological response occurs, as increased blood circulation. This is a beneficial tool for pain management. Gratitude 16:45 - Enjoy to focus on radiant health and happiness and create radiant health and happiness in your body and in your life. The Gratitude meditation allows you to look at your physical body in a positive way. Imagine that every thought that enters your mind creates reality. Imagine that your self-talk about your body affects your health and well-being. Focus on health and healing and create trust, radiant health, harmony, balance and inner peace in your body and your mind. The Tree of Life 28:40 - You and your tree are one. As a balanced human being you are able to communicate between heaven and earth. Receive the gift of possibilities and embrace your bright and brilliant future.


Artist: Dorit Brauer
Title: Tree of Life
Genre: Christian
Release Date: 15/11/2011
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 884501587679


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