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Dynamic Duo

Dynamic Duo

  • By Anton & Dan
  • Release 23/08/2005
  • Music Genre Jazz
  • Media Format CD
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Product Notes

Liner notes are an opportunity to muse about the creative process, or to occupy the eyes while music is playing. The creative process: I record albums because I hate scrounging for gigs. I love playing music with great players, but you can't get them unless you get gigs. They want money, more for self-respect than pure income. If not gigs, at least they want to be going somewhere. Don't we all? Anyway, a recording looks somewhat like somewhere. I met Juan in the University of Minnesota jazz band. He played his hollowbody outside the room before rehearsal started. We headed to a practice room after rehearsals. Not to gig. Who knows about that? Trumpet and guitar? Everyone wants bass and drums. Just to play. He could play. It was fun, flexible, open. With just two people it's hard work, challenging, exposed. Focuses the attention. I wanted to keep it going, so I scrounged gigs. Coffeeshops. Dunn Brothers. Crema Cafe, a jazz - friendly ice cream joint. Standards straight up, sometimes arranged. Juan made a living for awhile (I believe) playing with a swing band during the 90s. After that died down he got bored (I think) and, like many talented players I know, headed for New York, Manhattan School of Music. It seemed a shame to leave a fruitful partnership undocumented, so we went into my friend Gary's basement. Fortunately, Gary had tons of equipment he called 'Metasonic Studio.' In a relaxed atmosphere we recorded April 24, April 29, and May 5, 2001. No standards- the recording industry gets about $ 100 a song for 500 CDs. That's $ 1000-- why bother? All originals. Some we had played on gigs, but cranked out a few more for the album. Juan wanted to record a guitar thing. It was raining while he did it, so later I recorded rain and threw it behind him. (Sorry dude.) I wanted some distorted guitar, so I got him to overdub Jean - Michelle. I picked takes, learned how to mix it myself, did the cover art. 85% done. Asked someone to do liner notes, didn't use 'em. Then put it down for a year. Picked it up, added a few touches, down for another two years. Now I just want the damn thing done. Was it Sting who said, 'You don't finish an album, you abandon it'? There's always more you should do, but you gotta get rid of it. Juan hasn't even heard it, but if I send it to him, he might suggest something that would cause me to put it down for another two years. Can't have that. That's the creative process. Here it is. - Dan Frankowski, flugelhorn, trumpet, mixing, mastering, cover art - Juan Meguro, guitars - Dave Perry, cymbal on '2-7-8' - Gary Deming, recording engineer at Metasonic.


Artist: Anton & Dan
Title: Dynamic Duo
Genre: Jazz
Release Date: 23/08/2005
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 707541779227
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