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Grass Roots!

Grass Roots!

  • By Earth Mama
  • Release 19/03/2002
  • Music Genre Folk
  • Media Format CD
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Product Notes

A party on a platter from the Queen of Green music. Earth Mama is a musician with a mission. Grass Roots! Has already been called a musical antidote to the Enron scandal by one reviewer. This new release is a must for those wishing and working for a sustainable future on Planet Earth. Contains 12 songs of Earth Literacy, some of which have been recorded by additional artists. Several of these songs are currently being used as anthems for encouraging activists in the Justice, Peace, and Environmental movements. 'All movements march on their music. Earth Mama is one of the most melodious and lively songstresses for the love and preservation of our planet.' Vicki Robin, Seattle, WA Coauthor, YOUR MONEY OR YOUR LIFE 'Joyce Johnson Rouse (Earth Mama) is a troubadour for the 21st century, light-hearted but deadly serious.' Dr. Paul Salstrom, St. Mary-of-the-Woods, IN activist, author, educator The other day, I was sharing one of your CDs with a friend (who was deeply moved by your beautiful compositions), and I was impressed once again with the splendid work. Your personal presentation is powerful and delightful, but they are also songs that can be done by talented people in a setting other than a full concert. Thanks for your special gift in transformative song-writing! Peter Sawtell, Eco-Justice Ministries, Denver, CO I love your CD! You are an inspiration for me. Earthmama. Your New friend, rowland. Bless your heart and whatever experience it was that brought 'A Small Star' to you and all of us here in Los Angeles as well as the 125 members that were in attendance when I performed it in Florida at our SGI Nationwide Chorus Conference. The response was amazing!!! Suzanne Edwards Alford This is truly home-grown and organic music. This CD was accepted as the final integrated project (think thesis) for a masters degree in Earth Literacy at St. Mary-of-the-Woods College. Themes include: Sustainability The Universe Story Endangered species Simple Living Biodiversity First Law of Conservation of Matter and Energy Gratitude committment to live more consciously These CD's, like the other Earth Mama Recordings, make great gifts, so order several or contact the Earth Mama herself for quantity discounts.


Artist: Earth Mama
Title: Grass Roots!
Genre: Folk
Release Date: 19/03/2002
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 783707488721


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