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All Strings Attached

All Strings Attached

  • By Elysha
  • Release 09/10/2007
  • Music Genre Electronic
  • Media Format CD
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Product Notes

Hi! My name is Elysha. I am the result of long, exhausting hours of hard work. Day and night, night and day. No, I'm not the result of what you're thinking of right now. I'm no more than a fantasy - I'm a drawing. (but between you and me I don't think I've always been like this) See, my creators are basically my parents. I've never actually met them, but I can always tell when they're around (or when they're not around). Basically, they control most of what I do. It's ok, it's not like I have much of a personal life in 2D as it is anyway. However, when I'm playing the violin they can't control me, 'cuz you can't control feelings, and that's what music is all about. But whenever I play the violin, something strange happens to me. I turn into (gasp!) a human! Yes! I'm three-dimensional for a few minutes! (If you have any pity for me, press that "repeat" button, will you? Thank you.) There's a catch though - in exchange for my so-called freedom, I can't talk. (Not that I ever talk much, but whatever. A deal is a deal.) I love it - whenever I play the violin I feel like a different person, like I'm complete. It's always weird being 2D again after having been 3D - no boobs! Oh well.... That's my life in a nutshell! There's more to come soon, so stay tuned! (literally!) And following is the booklet text: I opened my eyes. I wasn't sure where I was, nor what I was. I felt a peculiar sensation in my body. After a few frightening moments I realized I was 2-dimensional. I looked around my white surroundings, when I felt something tug at my body. My body felt as if it were no longer in my control. That was when I heard a voice in my head. "Hello Elysha. We are your creators. We found you, wandering between life and death. We heard you, between earth and the heavens. We know you; we know what you are capable of. We want to see more." I wasn't sure what they meant. I still didn't know where I was, nor did I actually know who I was, or what had happened to me. All I knew was that my name (appeared) to be Elysha, and that I played the violin. Nothing else. As soon as I thought about my violin, it materialized in my hand, and I began to play. I felt the wood of the violin under my chin, raised my bow and began to play. It was so familiar, that I felt complete. While playing, I suddenly had a strange flashback, a sense of déjà-vu. I didn't know whether I was imagining things, or whether these really were memories. When I stopped playing briefly, I couldn't remember what I had just thought. In fact, I couldn't remember what I had just been playing. Though oddly enough, I didn't feel like I had forgotten anything. It just seemed as if anything, which might have occurred in the past minutes, simply didn't exist. I started playing again, and as soon as my bow touched the strings, a very strong picture came to mind. I closed my eyes and felt as if I were in the image. I saw a building, but I couldn't exactly tell what it could be. The front doors opened, and amongst many other people, there was a young man. Even though there was nothing noticeable about this man, unlike the other people who had just left the building, I felt I knew him - very well as a matter of fact. I stopped playing and wanted to put my violin down, but could not find any place to put it. As I walked around the white blankness surrounding me, I came to an edge that was like a smooth white cliff. Beyond the cliff, I couldn't believe my eyes - I saw a room, yet everything was oversize, at least appeared to be. This was when I realized where I was: I was on a sheet of paper. I had no idea whatsoever how I had appeared there - perhaps I was born a drawing? I felt a familiar tug on my limbs, as my body struck a pose on the paper. I wasn't thinking of doing so, it simply happened. Just then someone walked by - no one I recognized - and stopped briefly to look at me. I felt my body stiffen, and I couldn't move, even if my life had depended on it. Now I noticed that my violin seemed to have disappeared in midair, although by now things seemed so strange that this fact did not unnerve me. The person who was walking by stopped briefly, and came closer to me. I wanted to say something, but couldn't move. The person observing at me was a young man...


Artist: Elysha
Title: All Strings Attached
Genre: Electronic
Release Date: 09/10/2007
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 634479616402


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