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Footsteps in the Sand

Footsteps in the Sand

  • By Emily Burridge
  • Release 17/08/2004
  • Music Genre International
  • Media Format CD
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Emily Burridge's fantastic second CD release receives great feedback and reviews: Reviews: It's the cello though that ties everything together and makes this whole album impossible to ignore...Still, if you need to escape into music that is deep, thoughtful and also lifts your spirits then look no further than Emily Burridge. 100%. European Progressive Rock Reviews 'In her compositions, Emily is capable of gathering, in a truly spontaneous way, elements derived from her Classical upbringing, together with those coming from the ethnic people she has lived with.' 'Footsteps in the Sand' is a production which has a ambient/world music resonance. The music is extraordinarily calming perhaps due to the way Emily Burridge multi tracks the 'cello and uses the instrument in a unique way to accompany her vocal lines. 'Footsteps in the Sand' production evolved from Emily's musical research in the North East of Brazil.Seeking out tradition and armed with her portable digital recorder, she travelled to isolated places visiting rural communities. She recorded both groups and individuals singing songs and chants. From these people she discovered a world rich in musical diversity. In one place, which the locals referred to as the 'end of the line' she encountered the Tremembe Indians and Emily recorded the Chief and his daughter singing and they are featured on 'Rainmaker', 'Agua de Menina' and 'Prayer for the Fishermen'. Reflecting the mythical traditions of Brazil her lyrics on the second track 'Candle in the Sand' are about Yemaja (Goddess of the Sea) festivities: "We sat and watched, The Sea drew the line,Cool waters, memories in time. The shifting sands, like an hour glass, How quickly this time has passed. We tossed a flower in to the sea We lit a candle in the sand, The flame that burned, still speaks to me, Brings memories of that land." 'Day of the Dead' features the Brazilian instrument the Birimbal which Emily has skilfully and uniquely set with the 'cello, she has also integrated location recordings of a procession of people made on the Day of the Dead. Manasses the acclaimed Brazilian guitarist from the North East of Brazil plays 12 string guitar. 'Realised Dream' is another song of significance as it commences with a child's plaintive voice singing in Portuguese. Emily made this recording when she was giving workshops at a music school for children who work in the sugar cane plantations. Emily produced 'Footsteps in the Sand' in studios in Brazil, Austria and England and features eminent musicians from all these countries including the renowned guitarist and producer Gandalf from Austria. Emily sings and plays the 'cello and is author of the lyrics for the songs. EMILY is an outstanding classically trained 'cellist and innovative composer. She is a renowned master of her instrument, unique in her ability to improvise and cross genres of classical and contemporary music. She is a much in demand session player, and has worked with Roger Daltrey, George Michael, Chrissie Hind, Stereophonics and Hans Zimmer to name a few, and is featured on numerous albums and film soundtracks. As a producer experiences of the native people and natural environment of Brazil have inspired the production of three solo CDs and although retaining elements of her classical origins the integration of tribal chants and ethnic rhythms gives her music a classical world ambience. 'Earth Songs' and 'Footsteps in the Sand' are song orientated and 'Bridge between Worlds' is a contemporary orchestral work with solo 'cello and chants of the Xavante Indians integrated within. She currently has two live productions, a contemporary duo with Pedal Steel Guitarist BJ Cole and a solo performance 'Bach, Burridge & into the Amazon ' in which she combines Bach with modern looping technology and achieves exciting multi layered pieces in a live setting. In 'Into the Amazon' she accompanies with the 'cello recordings of the forest of Brazil and chants of tribal people. She is founder of the registered charity 'Indigenous People's Cultural Support Trust".


Artist: Emily Burridge
Title: Footsteps in the Sand
Genre: International
Release Date: 17/08/2004
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 501870522420


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