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Like a Train

Like a Train

  • By En Gedi
  • Release 19/04/2005
  • Music Genre Rock
  • Media Format CD
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Product Notes

Since the dawn of this millennium En Gedi has been slowly making a name for itself, catching audiences off-guard with their take on classic psychedelic blues. With a no-nonsense message about salvation through Jesus Christ and a refined musical package to offer, En Gedi's message and music stand strong in a culture where being blunt and different can often be looked down on. Like A Train, released in April of 2005, for En Gedi, a landmark recording, giving the ( at that time ) four band members a chance to shine in a professional landscape. The subject matter is clear on Like A Train, you get saved one day by Jesus Christ if you accept Him and when the Holy Spirit comes in ... The feeling is strong like a train and then your life changes around and you have to keep going and keep giving. Like A Train is available at various retail outlets and on the tour. Since the release of Like A Train, En Gedi has changed dramatically. Nathan James left the band for a short time to pursue interests in Nashville, coming back home with more songs to write and with a message he needed to get out there. The message is about being at the bottom of the barrel, if you catch our live shows or chat with him after a gig you might hear him tell it like it is, 'Drugs and booze can't fix you, they only make it a thousand times worse, look to Jesus for an answer.' In Nathan's absence Gerard continued working on the En Gedi projects, re-learning more about guitar riffs and hanging on with friends. His percussion abilities amazingly continue getting better and better rounding out En Gedi's sound to a shocking degree. Coming on new to the scene is a friend of Gerard's from En Gedi's home church, his name is Michael Cross. The new bass player in the band brings a rounded perspective to the bands already clear message. The current tour consists of songs coming up on their newest recording hopefully to be released this fall. En Gedi has two albums out. Our latest ' Like A Train ' was released on April 30th 2005. Track one 'Checking Out' climbed to 3 on GeckoJamz internet radio on Live365, and track three 'Jabesh Gilead' to 10 on the Arizona Reporter. En Gedi's first album 'One' will hopefully be digitally remastered and re-released with new artwork and a better mix than the original, more updates as they come. Thank you and God Bless, En Gedi Management.


Artist: En Gedi
Title: Like a Train
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 19/04/2005
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 783707070209


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