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Good Girl

Good Girl

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RECENT PRESS "...Tough and sweet, smart and streetwise, her melodies are mesmerizing. With echoes-and the songwriting gifts-of Lucinda Williams and Aimee Mann, Sax is the real thing...- DETAILS MAGAZINE 'Good Girl' is one of those CDs that you leave in the player for a week on infinite repeat. She writes about going out on a limb and taking chances, sometimes that means having a reckless heart, but it's better than no heart at all...Smart money says Sax Seymour is about to break, go see her... and sit 10 feet away just to say you did." - FREEMAN PRESS 'With the songwriting skills of Nanci Griffith, the rawness of Johnny Cash and the mystery of Loretta Lynn, you're getting close to Erin Sax Seymour. A singer-songwriter at the beginning of a remarkable career' -VH1 Music "...Individuals that are listening to Sax Seymour only get seven shots to really gain an appreciation for her on "Good Girl", but the differences presented between each track is more than enough to create a fire burning in any fan of country or smart pop. It may be 2008 or 2009 before Sax Seymour comes out with another album, but chances are good that individuals will wait that long to hear more from this artist. Give this EP a go and see what everyone is saying."-NEUFUTUR "Try as I might I couldn't come up with one comparison to anyone in my mental Rolodex, under the country heading. No wonder. I'd been flipping through the wrong category. Seymour doesn't remind me of any country artist because she really doesn't fit in that category herself...If comparisons are to be drawn (even if it's outside the lines) Seymour can be said to be equal parts Janis Joplin... and, well, YOU give it a shot....And forget the cutesy Jerry McGuire line: 'You had me at Hello'. Seymour had me by the end of her first cut wherein she slips in an excerpt of Harry Chapin's 'Cat's In The Cradle'. Simply lovely..."-ANTIMUSIC 'I was bowled over by Erin Sax Seymour the first time I caught her set. Suffice to say, I've been back everytime she's performed...the next should be there too!' -INDIE SOUNDS NY ********************************************* BIO DETAILS magazine calls Alt-Country artist Erin Sax Seymour, 'Tough and sweet, smart and streetwise, her melodies mesmerizing.' Her sound echoes the melancholia of old Loretta Lynn with the vocal depth of Lucinda Williams. Sax Seymour started writing songs as a teenager to help her through tough times, and then as a way to record the experiences she witnessed while traveling the world as a documentary filmmaker. Whether it was living in hiding in an Armenian monastery, following Baptists speaking in tongues at the River Jordan, or documenting life inside a Texas prison, she has seen some of life's many twists and turns. Through it all she understood that there really are just a handful of stories and moods that every person comes across in a lifetime, no matter their circumstance. Her music is the heart of these stories. It is about the character, integrity, and flaws that we all share as we alternately stumble and fly through though our days.


Artist: Erin Sax Seymour
Title: Good Girl
Genre: Country
Release Date: 13/03/2007
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 837101310918


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