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  • By Faith Rivera
  • Release 17/08/2004
  • Music Genre New Age
  • Media Format CD
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Faithgroove features songs inspired by Neale Donald Walsch's 'Conversations with God' like 'Kumbaya' (2003 JPFolks Dance Song of the Year) & 'Believe.' It's an uplifting, exotically groovy, non-denominational celebration of the divine in all of us! ======= Faith is a singer/songwriter whom I can never get tired of hearing. Her musical soul is so passionate and full of an uplifting spirit that has the potential to inspire the world. Faith's eclectic pop sound is comprised of funky beats, world music influence and pop diva influence. A good description of Faith's music would be an experimental Mariah Carey. Faith opens doors for music that most popular singers have yet to even notice. Her music is very familiar to most pop music fans, but with a certain beauty and distinctive aspects that no one else is doing. It's the music that really sets this album apart from everyone else. As the album rolls on, the music drifts into that typical pop realm, but suddenly goes right back to experimenting with musical influences and styles. These fusions are what I loved most about this album. Faith's great vocal power didn't hurt though. Her passion and seasoned vocal skills definitely stand out on every song. You'd have to be deaf not to notice the talent of this artist. Faith is truly something to keep an eye out for. Michael Allison / Global Elite Artist ======= Faith is an enigma...Sometimes she'll go all Madonna (try the opening 'Kumbaya' and see if you're not reminded of 'Express Yourself' and the power of the woman), sometimes she's a tropical spirit flitting through ('Mirror, Mirror'), and then she's distinctly Alanis Morissette with acoustic guitar, backing vocals and spidery electric guitar and old-time piano in the back (that's 'Bring Me Back' alright!). But at every turn, the pop sense is original and cleansed with a sense of purpose. Faith's positive musical reinforcement is a delight to listen to. ~Ben Ohmart / MusicDish ======= Current R&B is such a difficult style of music for me to deal with. So much of it is pure trash and that makes it tough to give any of it a chance. However, Faithgroove breathes new life into this worn genre. Faith Rivera, a Filipina born in Kauai, is the voice behind this force. One thing I really liked about Faithgroove was the lack of arrogance that is present in so much of current R&B. No talk of her 'lazy-ass-no-good-scrub' or bragging about how her new outfit was more than the GNP of many African nations. I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of music Faithgroove produces. From the tropical (Hawaiian) guitar and sexy, spoken verses of 'Portuguese Man O' War' to the pleasant melody of 'Mirror, Mirror,' they hit the nail on the head. The true gem through is, 'One Big Ride.' It features keyboard sounds reminiscent of Prince from the Controversy days and wonderful theme changes throughout the song. The vocals are near perfect and all the overdubs are in the right places. Beyonce should drop to her knees and worship Faith. There is a new queen in town . ~Neal Mayerle / ======= Band: FAITHGROOVE Song: Mirror Mirror Review: Solid production and arrangement make this song a winner. There's a lot of cross-over potential here with the electronic/adult contemporary/R & B/ Top 40 feel. The vocals and music strong. Keep up the good work. The band's name also fits the style of music. Rating: 4.5 Stars out of 5 Song: One Big Ride Ah... this is nice, real nice. Starting off with a wonderfully exotic groove, One Big Ride reels the listener in with lead singer Faith's fantastic voice. With all the elements one could want from a good pop song, the melody, lyrics and overall composition are spot-on, with a brilliant track as the result. Although this is somewhat of a love song, it doesn't go down the same road as that of Celine Dion, or the multitude of other lovesong artists. A latino/oriental groove offsets the vocals nicely, ensuring the song does not drown in it's own soppiness. Brilliantly produced, this song demonstrates the ability of Faithgroove to deliver fantastic, articulate music. All in all, a wonderful song... I'm tempted to buy the CD. ~Damien King /


Artist: Faith Rivera
Title: Faithgroove
Genre: New Age
Release Date: 17/08/2004
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 637114879736


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