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Falling Edge

Falling Edge

  • By Falling Edge
  • Release 04/04/2013
  • Music Genre Rock
  • Media Format CD
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Product Notes

Falling Edge guitarist and lead vocalist Chris Rupert has always believed that the best music comes from composers who write what sounds great to them, even if the results are not commercially viable. This has become the unwritten philosophy of the band. When writing and arranging their music, discussions and arguments centre around making the song the very best it can be, regardless of length or complexity. So it is that their debut album contains only 5 songs, weighing in at some 58 minutes in length. Struggling through a number of personnel changes (the band has only enjoyed a stable lineup for less than 3 years) Falling Edge has spent most of their time writing and rehearsing original material, deliberately resisting the temptation to do covers in the interest of securing gigs. This is a band who loves to play live, but whose primary focus is on getting their tightly crafted epics into the ears of like-minded music lovers. From the Progarchives website: 'An excellent debut record by this symphonic prog rock quartet out of Chatham-Kent, Ontario, Canada known as FALLING EDGE. Guitarist and vocalist Chris Rupert had put out a few solo records of acoustic and classical instrumental guitar pieces in the '80s and '90s. This is his foray into the progressive rock genre and the results are very impressive. Primarily symphonic in the writing department, one can also detect some space rock a la ELOY. Also, a symphonic sound not unlike the Dutch band FINCH, but less busy. Perhaps the better parts of John Williams's SKY project would apply to this release. The album opens up with the epic 'Social Engineering'' which provides the listenner with many dips, valleys and recurring themes. Some great angular guitar at the beginning of the track with a Steve Howe approach and a Chris Poland tone. A great way to start an album to tell the Progressive Rock World you have arrived. Thinking this album couldn't possiblly match the opener, it is followed up with the band instrumental/wordless vocal 'Crippled By Fear'. This is worth the price of the album alone and invokes the band CAMEL. 'Not That Far Away' is an acoustic vocal and percussion piece between Chris Rupert and drummer Kevin Tetreault. A nice piece of music, but not in the progressive vein as the aforementioned. The next track 'Next Time Around' is 7 minutes in length and reminds me of Italian band ACQUA FRAGILE (without the accented vocals). The final track 'I, Awake' is reminiscent of Nathan Mahl and a bit of IQ and probably the only track with a Neo Prog approach. 14 minutes in length and a great conclusion to a debut album. Falling Edge is a fine debut production that every fan of Symphonic Prog should hear in the year 2013 and beyond.'


Artist: Falling Edge
Title: Falling Edge
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 04/04/2013
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 700220997202


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