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Heron Leg

Heron Leg

  • By Fen
  • Release 15/04/2008
  • Music Genre Heavy Metal
  • Media Format CD
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Nestled in the mountain shadows of Nelson, British Columbia, Fen was born out of necessity as much as for creative expression. In 1998, the two reclusive personalities of guitarist/vocalist Doug Harrison and guitarist Sam Levin stumbled into each other's presence, and rather than speak, they cycled riffs from opposite corners of the room. Between them they discovered a musical vision that greatly differed from that of the dreadlocked locals. What they heard was dark and brooding, at times ominous and creepy, a rock derivative plagued by complexity and a desire to evolve. 'Trails Out of Gloom is a hidden gem amongst the sometimes nonsensical world of progressive music. Fen are clearly masters at the complementary meshing of instruments. Trails Out of Gloom is a brilliantly composed album that sounds half way between the cleaner moments of Opeth and Anathema, whilst also retaining it's own unique identity. Fen provide a delightful presentation of mellow and erudite prog.' -- Power Play Magazine issue #121 "Dark and Aggressive. If your tastes veer from Porcupine Tree to Tool, these could be trails worth exploring." -- Geoff Barton, Classic Rock Magazine #146 'Fen will pull you in and leave you wanting more! Trails Out of Gloom creates textured melodies that always offer something different each time around. Reminds me of what I like about progressive rock, it's ability to create songs that tell stories with their instruments as well as their words. Doug Harrison has a wonderful voice. Don't miss out on this release, it's one of the better examples of the style I've heard in quite some time.' -- Cosmos Gaming and Music 'Opening with the title track, an acoustic, folk-inflected lament, there are elements of Opeth in the stunning guitar playing, while the lush, warm tones recall latter-day Anathema although vocalist Doug Harrison has a wider vocal range than most, ranging from a stunning falsetto to the sombre tones more traditionally associated with this type of music. The production is top notch too, with the guitars kicking in with surprising depth and clarity. Hints of Porcupine Tree as well as Soundgarden's epic, psychedelic rock. It's quite a ride, with the band showcasing a remarkable grip of dynamics, allowing the songs to grab you and draw you into their mighty ebb and flow. Ultimately 'Trails out of Gloom' is a ride through the many different moods of a band possessed of great talent. While many reference points abound, they are so many and so varied as to only offer brief glimpses of the wonders contained within the album and any fan of progressive music will be utterly captivated by Fen. Give it a try, you undoubtedly will not regret it ' --Sonic Abuse 'I'm not sure that I'll do justice to this release. Vancouver's Fen effortlessly create smooth as silk melodies that will mesmerize your senses then grind out heavy, semi-fuzzed out passages with the same passion and skill. It's not just that they are creating moods, but rather that they are guiding them and us. Perhaps the band's greatest asset is their ability to get so much out of every step they take. Each note, beat and word that Fen create all have a purpose and as a listener you will feel that. They are great at constructing and building these simple pieces together to make fantastic songs that unfold like masterful stories. Indeed this album is a grower. I liked it on the first play, but definitely like it more on each play. With each play I discovered more and more reasons to enjoy 'Trails out of Gloom'. -- Heavy Metal Time Machine 'A rich and emotional ride into alternative heavy rock territories. A different type of heavy-- an emotional, dark, brooding heavy that evokes prime Alice in Chains and Tool with maybe a nod to bands such as Opeth and Anathema. Acoustic guitars pepper the whole album and add a beautiful counterpoint to the heavier moments such as tracks like 'The World is Young' which switches from muscular despondency to delicate introspection. For every soaring vocal melody and ethereal guitar passage there is an equally heavy wall of doom waiting to explode. If this is prog it's prog in the classic sense where the song remains at the core of the sound over musical excess. This is a remarkable album should you wish to remove yourself from your comfort zone and experience a different kind of heavy. Absorb it then listen again as repeated listens reveal the true depth here.' -- Sleeping Shaman.


Artist: Fen
Title: Heron Leg
Genre: Heavy Metal
Release Date: 15/04/2008
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 621365070929


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