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Wheel of Nesh

Wheel of Nesh

  • By Ferenzik
  • Release 29/01/2002
  • Music Genre Rock
  • Media Format CD
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If you've seen Ferenzik on tour with Todd Rundgren or with the Jefferson Starship you've seen the multi instumentalist in action. Whether slamming out a piano solo, or weaving a Zappa-esque guitar cadenza, or stepping back from the spotlight to provide a solid bed of background vocals, you were aware that a unique performer was in the house...If you've heard his outlandish instrumental first CD effort 'Wild Man of Borneo', or the second fusion-fest 'Devil's Playground', you are totally unprepared for WHEEL OF NESH. Ferenzik takes a left turn and winds up in downtown pop-ville. But there's a slant to it, like the Beatles meet Frankenstein... ABOUT 'WHEEL OF NESH' There are 17 tracks, five of which are short atmospheric instrumentals that offer contrast to the other twelve pop songs. Of course, John (that's his first name folks) is original, but for those of you who need reference points to get an idea of the types of songs, here are some picks: The disc kicks off with 'Rescue Me' (no relation to the r&b classic), sort of Beatle-y but with a hard rocking rhythm track. Think Fab Four on speedballs... 'Freight Train' has a Tom Petty-esque quality, with a darker sentiment. Like the outside is candy but the inside is whiskey. And it grooves! 'Going Underground' - Early Steely Dan-ish, pre-jazzy. In fact, Ferenzik's vocal style recalls Dan's Donald Fagen (with a hint of perhaps Thomas Dolby?). 'Mirror Maze', 'Nowhereville' and 'Mysterious Girl' bring to mind the Dukes Of Stratosphere or maybe Martin Newell... 60s psychedelic with a modern bent. 'Ultraviolet' really stands out at first listen. I Am The Walrus meets James Bond. Radio friendly, even a little forward! 'Join In The Dance' is a charming throwback to those pubescent times of innocent lust, a companion piece to the Kinks' Come Dancing. And that's just starting out...there's a lot going on here. 'Hamster smoothie boy has a psychedelic coming out party' -Guitar Player Magazine 'He's a sophisticated, knowledgeable writer who draws on jazz and contemporary classical musica, as well as rock sources.' -Harvey Pekar '...One of the most talented musicians I've ever known.' -Steve Berlin (Los Lobos)


Artist: Ferenzik
Title: Wheel of Nesh
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 29/01/2002
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 765481132823
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