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2-F370This Is Trip-Bop

2-F370This Is Trip-Bop

  • By Fez Dispenser
  • Release 29/07/2003
  • Music Genre Electronic
  • Media Format CD
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Product Notes

Fez Dispenser's 2nd full-length CD, 'This Is Trip-Bop'. 'This is Trip-Bop' is 60 minutes of modern, independent music in 13 tracks. Fez Dispenser's history of gene-splicing genre-ducking beat-driven music owes as much to Mango Santamaria and Esquivel as it does to the influence of today's Drum and Bass samplists and Breakbeat fader jockeys. In the new CD, Thorne has somehow both widened the scope of his music and made it more cohesive. This stew of live and sample based elements hits on a much more emotional level than on his first Fez effort. Fez Dispenser Is not: hip hop, acid-jazz, drum and bass, dance hall, dub, reggae, Trip-hop, lounge, space age bachelor pad music, 70's funk, jungle, or jazz. It does combine elements of all of those styles without making my brain hurt. That alone makes 'This Is Trip-Bop' well worth a spin. Chances are, if you've been hanging out with anyone under 5 feet tall, you've heard Thorne's work. By day he works in a studio inside a toy design center in El Segundo CA. So if your kids are playing with a plastic, talking cowboy who strums a guitar, this guy made him play. In the last 15 years, Thorne has composed, mixed, edited, performed or designed sound for 100s of hours of animation (including 10 episodes of Liquid television's Aeon Flux), a few theme park rides (in English,Japanese and Korean) and 3 rapping animatronic hip-hop parrots in the Tropicana Las Vegas. He has been nominated for sound design Emmys 5 times. He has won twice. You can also hear his tracks behind episodes of 'Road Rules', 'Cribs' and the VH1 special 'Girls Gone Wild Revealed' All the while, he's been performing, recording, re-mixing and releasing indie music. A chance to work at Chick Corea's Mad Hatter Studios brought Thorne to Los Angeles in 1988. He was lucky enough to be behind the glass for sessions with Corea, Joe Di'orrio, Robben Ford, Steve Lukather, Michael Landau, Vinnie Colaiuta, Jeff Berlin, and Prince. 'I think I was speechless for the first 2 months I was there ; just trying to absorb as much as I could.That was the ideal place to start.The more experienced guys had their pick of the jazz sessions in the day. I was mixing the Hip-Hop sessions that ran from 7 pm to 7 am' In 1990 Thorne did a radio edit on Hi-C's 'I'm not your puppet'. ' We used a beta version of Sound Tools wich later became Pro Tools. Since that day, I've been making noise with computers...everyday.' Fez Dispenser is Thorne's first solo project. CDBaby sez- Here's a grooooooooove for those who love ambient trip-hop. To put on something in the background that keeps your head bopping while doing something else. This is music for programmers - music for working - music for restaurants - music for stores. Of course if you're a fan like me you can also totally dig on the amazing layered musicality of these loops, horns, basslines, and subtle production techniques. Or you can just put it on at work, and have everyone ask you all day, 'What IS this?!?' Make sure you send 'em to CD Baby when they do. :-)


Artist: Fez Dispenser
Title: 2-F370This Is Trip-Bop
Genre: Electronic
Release Date: 29/07/2003
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 643157186229


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