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Brand New Fancy Truth

Brand New Fancy Truth

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The name is as sweet as the music. Fiction Like Candy is a San Francisco-based trio that weaves indelible rock melodies with frank, flirtatious female vocals, stirring every emotion in a batch of sugary goodness. On record and on stage, singer/guitarist/songwriter Genna Giacobassi, bassist Randy Marshall and drummer Keith Sevigny bare their all playing music that invokes the immediate feelings of love, desire and bitter betrayal. Don't let the content of their songs fool the casual listener -- Easily recognizable are nuances of Joni Mitchell, Elvis Costello, The Beatles, Wilco, and Cat Power. However, explore deeper into it's sonic landscape and you'll also hear the love of Motown, The Ramones and Cheap Trick bubbling underneath with it's simplified anthems that draw from a time when rock compositions were short, tight and blunt, with dangerous excitement. Giacobassi's flexible vocals and circuitous lyrics may at times seem emotionally vulnerable, but the strength, a nod to her Midwestern roots, powers through the mix with true intensity. Paired with Marshall's muscular bass lines and backing vocals and Sevigny's energetic and articulate drumming, Fiction Like Candy disproves genre pigeonholing and creates songs that simply rock. While still retaining the atmospheric depth of their delicate, lo-fi EP La La Lo, (2005) their second EP, Brand New Fancy Truth, (Release date: February 6th, 2007) is more abrasive, challenging and darker. Overall, the music may defy genres, but that is what makes Fiction Like Candy special -- it refuses to settle for a predictable sound, preferring instead to go for the heart and the throat. Fiction Like Candy was just a glimmer in Giacobassi's eye when she started writing songs and performing in coffee shops in San Francisco in 2004. Though she enjoyed playing solo, Giacobassi was determined to form a band. After she put up a posting on Craigslist asking for potential bandmates, she was lucky to unearth Marshall and Sevigny, and before they knew it, they had formed a family-like bond that is the glue holding the band together. While never denying their influences, Fiction Like Candy steps away from the current imitative trends to focus on what naturally emerges from their union rather than trying to force a sound or construct a mood. The end result of Fiction Like Candy's music can be described as jittery, gossamer, plaintive and infectious. Criss-crossing the country in a tour van has helped solidify the trio's relationship and sound, making them a mighty force to be reckoned with. Further setting itself apart from the Indie scene, Fiction Like Candy has dubbed itself 'The Nicest Band In America.' They are certainly down-to-earth and playful, and they are dedicated to making the band easily accessible to everyone who loves it's music and comes out to it's shows. It's hard to resist a band that takes the time before and after it's gigs to talk to friends, fans and random souls that wandered into the bar to get a drink and became captivated with a sweet rock and roll band called Fiction Like Candy.


Artist: Fiction Like Candy
Title: Brand New Fancy Truth
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 06/02/2007
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 822371110023


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