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Space Loaf

Space Loaf

  • By Firetrucs
  • Release 14/09/2004
  • Music Genre Alternative Rock
  • Media Format CD
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Product Notes

Enhanced CD format features video for 'Motorcar' (from Hovercraft LP - 2002) directed by Darren Roark. ALSO AVAILABLE ON CD BABY: FIRETRUCS' 'HOVERCRAFT LP' (2002) Firetrucs Press: 'At times, they rock as hard as Nirvana, are as addictive as the Foo Fighters and as clever as Rivers Cuomo.' -St. Paul Pioneer Press Dispatch 'Firetrucs is my favorite new band. Expect to be floored.' -Louise Post, Veruca Salt 'It's hard to find a genuinely rocking rock band these days. That's why the Minneapolis-based rock group Firetrucs is a breath of fresh air.' -Daily Nebraskan 'Firetrucs offer up a needle filled with addictive post-grunge rock that is ladled with indie inflections and loud pop melodies.' -Smother 'Great vocals and fire-in-the-belly musicianship make this group one of the best local grooves today.' -Minneapolis Star Tribune 'Firetrucs come out of nowhere and pull catchy pop song after catchy pop song out of their bag of tricks.' -Indie Workshop 'The songs bash and pop from your speakers, leave you singing along and wondering why this isn't on the radio.' -Altar Native Space Loaf LP review: 'Given the sorry-ass state of radio and the music industry in general, I've been turning elsewhere for my fix of new music. While surfing a 10-foot swell of independent music recently on local internet radio station, I have discovered a plethora of unsigned talent that could easily fill a dozen music columns. One band that I've been juiced about lately is local three-piece Firetrucs, who have a sludgy, Nirvana-esque flavor that veers from stoner-rock pyschadelia to straight-up pop rawk and back again. They exhibit a strong command of dynamics as well as a fearless approach to atypical song structures, and come across as serious, yet playful, as indicated in my favorite lyrical couplet, 'I smoke pot 'cuz my parents say I can't / And onstage I'm as shirtless as Robert Plant.' I purchased their CD release from last year, called 'Space Loaf LP,' after hearing the album's highlight song, 'Surfaces' on Radio Juno Beach. The track is a giddy, balls-out rocker with a super-high groove ratio propelled by Brian Gruidl's melodic, chordal bass riff, the high-octane dynamics of Shane Speltz' excitable drumming, where his shit-eating grin is apparent all over the track, and is punctuated by defiant squalls of feedback from Tony Parks' guitar as he pledges his devotion to a chick who happens to be a 'freak of nature.' Firetrucs has a brand new release out called 'Hovercraft,' of which the title track spanks 110% of my ass. I haven't purchased said disc yet, but am certainly hoping they've peppered this one with a few more of the ball-bustin' barnburners in the vein of the aforementioned duo. I'm also eager to catch their live show as I have a strong suspicion that intensity would reign supreme. The very next time I see a Firetrucs gig advertised, I will attend that gig and get combustible with this incendiary trio who will no doubt be igniting, rather than extinguishing, the blaze. Who's with me? -Nikolas Allen, 'Up' Magazine, October, 2002.


Artist: Firetrucs
Title: Space Loaf
Genre: Alternative Rock
Release Date: 14/09/2004
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 707541720823


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