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Tales of the Misplaced

Tales of the Misplaced

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The second full-length CD from Fred Gillen Jr., most of this CD was recorded live-in-the-studio. The songs on it were heavily influenced by Woody Guthrie and Gillen's early forays into touring. It was lauded by critics for it's intimacy, intensity, and lyrical honesty. It's opening track 'Face Of Love' has become something of a signature song for Gillen at his live performances. Reviews: 'New York singer/ songwriter Fred Gillen Jr. may have east coast origins, but his style and intensity reflect a down home sensibility. Gillen's current release, 'Tales Of The Misplaced,' offers passionate, issues-oriented selections, the type of material seldom heard on commercial radio; hi guitar work mixes bluesy refrains and arresting licks.' -- Ron Wynne, Nashville Scene, 11/19/98 'Whatever Fred Gillen Jr. sings about, he takes the time to care. Each song sounds like it was the most important priority in his life when he performed it. There is an honesty and an audible empathetic pain in his performance that radiates from behind the lyrics. But despite the anguish, this is an album of triumphs and everyday heroes, they're not perfect, but they're surviving nonetheless. Fred continues to gain new ground with each CD.' -- Allan Foster, Songwriters' Monthly, 12/98 'Fred Gillen Jr. is a singer- songwriter this column has reviewed a few times (he was a member of the fine roots- rockers, Rain Deputies.) 'Tales Of The Misplaced' is his latest and best effort to date. Gillen's songs are passionate, personal tales that have a rugged but engaging feel. This album still has a bluesy folk feel, although there is more urgency and confidence in Gillen's voice and more substance in the songs. In essence, Gillen is a 21st century troubadour who sings the tales of everyman as the wonderfull title cut describes. (It is a song that would have made Woody Guthrie proud.) Some of his tales equate to very fine songs. Best cuts here are the somber yet eloquent 'Redemption,' which features some nice guitar work from former bandmate Chris Merola, and the wonderfully melodic 'Flicker,' with it's dreamy lyrics. The latter also features the beautiful harmonies of Anne O'Meara Heaton, which perfectly compliment Gillen's fine vocals.' -- Mick Skidmore, Relix Magazine 4/99 'Gillen's third independent, solo release. This raw, sparsely produced gem of a CD has been lauded by both critics and other artists all over the U.S.A. It has been compared to Bob Dylan's first three records and Springsteen's 'Ghost Of Tom Joad', and Mick Skidmore from Relix Magazine even stated that it 'would have made Woody Guthrie proud.' The songs are passionately delivered in most cases with only acoustic guitar as accompaniment, and most tracks were recorded live-in-the-studio. Gillen's fine songs and soulful voice are the focus of this CD.'


Artist: Fred Gillen, Jr.
Title: Tales of the Misplaced
Genre: Folk
Release Date: 10/06/2003
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 669130980127
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