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(Duplicated CD)
  • By Freddy B
  • Release 18/04/2009
  • Music Genre International
  • Media Format CD
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Product Notes

Freddy B hails from the vibrant country of Ghana, commonly known as the peaceful gateway to West Africa. He grew up in a small village named Bawdie, home to around 2,000 residents in the Western Region. In this tropical ecosystem, people work hard to earn a subsistence living. Freddy B is no different. In Freddy B's village, music, drumming and dancing are central to life. Music the medium through which people celebrate, worship, love, mourn, and contemplate the challenges of life. "High life" is the musical genre of the older generation, which harmonizes heart-felt vocal ballads alongside melodious lead guitars. The younger generation mixes high-life with modern rap and hip-hop sections, resulting in what the locals call "hip-life." This is Freddy B's style. Freddy B has composed music for many years. It's only recently that he has had the opportunity to record some of his creations. In his debut album, "Hustler," he unveils his first eight tracks. The title track is a hard-hitting rap song for the younger generation. It talks about the financial hardships that most people face, of working hard all day and having nothing left at the end of the month. But Freddy B encourages his listeners to live life with honor and integrity, and not to fall into the traps that so often ensnare vulnerable youth. His next song, "Romeo and Juliet," is a romantic song delivered in reggaeton style. In this track, he openly declares his feelings to his love. "Senorita," the song with the widest appeal to both young and old, is a love song from Freddy B to his wife in true Ghanaian hip-life fashion. In these first three tracks, he features some of the hottest Ghanaian rappers and singers on the music scene. His album benefits from the flavor of the legendary Ghanaian superstar sound engineer, Jay Q. With Freddy B's creative ideas layered upon the talent of experienced musicians, the result is an exciting new sound with an uplifting message. His remaining songs round out his inaugural CD. He performs lyrics about dealing with the hardships of life in a spirit of integrity and honor, and the sweetness of love, the persistent uncertainty of the future. Freddy B's live performances utilize rap, singing, and spoken word supported with djembe drumming. This mix of musical styles is a result of Freddy B's life path. When growing up in Bawdie, he performed with the traditional drumming and dancing group, "Light of Unity." At the age of 24, he moved to Israel to volunteer at the Baha'i World Centre. He stayed in the Holy Land three and a half years, where he met his wife. He then returned to Ghana for a year. Afterwards, moved to the United States to settle down with his wife. Freddy B currently resides in Colorado, USA with his wife and daughter.


Artist: Freddy B
Title: Hustler
Genre: International
Attributes: Duplicated CD
Release Date: 18/04/2009
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 884501116251


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