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Frisky Lizards

Frisky Lizards

  • By Frisky Lizards
  • Release 17/07/2001
  • Music Genre Rock
  • Media Format CD
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Frisky Lizards is a rock band from northern Wisconsin. The group has built a following over seven years together, and has played to packed halls, casinos and festivals all over the Midwest. The band consists of Mark Phillips (guitar, vocals, moog synth), Matt Froemel (vocals, percussion), Dan Lessard (Drums, backing vocals, fender rhodes) and Kevin Froemel (bass). In 2001, Frisky Lizards released their first CD, the eponymously titled Frisky Lizards. The disc contains eleven original songs ranging from groovy dance music to alt-pop ballads and all-out rock and roll. 'This disc is about coming full circle for us,' says Mark Phillips, guitarist and songwriter. 'In a way, it summarizes our past while pointing toward the future.' The future was once very much in question when a fire destroyed a rehearsal space with all the band's gear. 'The experience made us a lot stronger,' says Phillips, 'not that I'd wish that on anyone. It showed us that even when everything's lost, you can still keep going.' Through all the trials and tribulations the band has faced, they have come out with a clear focus: they just want to make music. 'We don't have any delusions of grandeur,' says Phillips, 'we are a bunch of guys who do this because we love it. We love the Midwest and playing music here.' After honing their original songs in live performance for several years, Frisky Lizards was 'definitely ready to get into the studio,' according to Phillips. 'It was a lot of fun, and we're really proud of the record we made. It also freed us to write some new songs.' The disc was mastered by Tom Herbers, who has worked with popular Duluth indie band Low, at Third Ear Recording Studio in Minneapolis. Frisky Lizards continues to perform at bars, clubs, casinos and private parties. As hard as it is, they try to have something for everyone. 'As far as requests go, if the band knows a song, we'll play it,' says singer Matt Froemel. 'We don't have any chip on our shoulder about playing covers. We just mix them in with our own songs.' The CD features a number of Frisky Lizards live favorites such as: 'Basement' (a Chili-Pepper flavored funk-romp flamethrower), 'Shot Full of Holes' (a crunchy rock song with attitude to spare), 'Just Ask June' (a bouncy upbeat summertime jangle), 'Chocolate Pudding' (deep, dark depths of space with glints of acoustic guitar and molasses wah, bubbling on low simmer), 'Tequila Monster' (Doors meet the Beatles in this delerious desert jam), and 'Couch' (the ultimate rock ballad). The remaining five tracks cover everything from a spare, acoustic confessional vibe to blazing alt-rock, trippy soundscapes and the utterly aggressive 'Theme From B Movie.' The last tune on the disc, 'B Movie' would be right at home in an X-Games clip or first-person shooter type video game. The CD cover features the 'Horned Lizard,' the band's former 'tour bus,' swooping down out of a starry sky filled with northern lights.


Artist: Frisky Lizards
Title: Frisky Lizards
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 17/07/2001
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 783707381329


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