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Funkimura World

Funkimura World

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MUSIC THAT WILL INSPIRE YOU TO MOVE YOUR BODY Tired of the same old song recipes, then "Funkimura World" is for you! The packed fifteen songs CD is a unique offering to those who are looking for fresh ground breaking new music. From ground breaking "A-Groove" music never heard before, to Jazz Funk. You can't go wrong! Here are some tidbits about what to listen for... 1. Funkimura World - This song will bring the out the funk embedded in our soul. 2. Isomatic - Yes, those are drills being used as musical instruments. From the Greek word "soma" for living body, the vibes will move your body literally - so much that this song has a nicknamed - "The Worm". 3. Post Island Groove - Chill out to this "A-Groove" (no it's not smooth jazz, it's Chilled Jazz). Definite déjà vu to those that remember the island breeze, beauty, and calm. 4. Golfer's Revenge - Those afflicted with "GOLF RAGE" maybe counseled to listen to this piece. Close your eyes and feel those explosions! Breathe to the beat of the jive banging bass. Then more explosions! 5. Jam Prelude - Yes, we can trance your mind with the synths and make you believe that there is Funk after life! 6. Warlocks Brew - This is the most experimental track of the album. As in the "Sorcerer's Apprentice", our story is about the Warlocks that must create a Brew of Life. 7. Wave Rider - Get out of them clothes and ride them waves! An acoustic piece meant to make you feel the motion. 8. Emi - Ninja Funk... Bounce lightly to your destination, without being seen. Stealth Funk, baby! 9. Mindful - Another "A-Groove" piece. No one could of guess that combining xylophone, piano, bass, and acoustic guitar would make you "mindful" of silence between each note. 10. Funkilicious - Get on the down low and ride the "F'licious Train". This track may cause you to shake parts of your body you didn't know you had! Give in to the Funk! 11. Why You Gotta Be Like That! - You know who you are... Why you gotta be like that! Get up and let the rhythm knock some common "Funk-sense" into you! 12. Purple Door - Everybody dance... We're going through the Purple Door. Yes it's really funky. Shake it up, shake it down, and now shake it all around! 13. Mirror Lake - "A-Groove" is alive and flowing. Relax. Lay back. Chill. You deserve it. 14. King Pong - My anthem to video gamers. We Rule! 15. Power Play - This minute and twelve second piece is a challenge. Grab your friends and make up "Power" dance moves that will energize your bodies! Ready, Set, Go!


Artist: Funkimura World
Title: Funkimura World
Genre: Jazz
Release Date: 04/07/2006
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 837101192637


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