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Mamas' Fishing

Mamas' Fishing

  • By The Funky Mamas
  • Release 14/10/2003
  • Music Genre Children's
  • Media Format CD
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FOOT STOMPING, FINGER SNAPPING, GIGGLE INDUCING GOOD TIMES! The Funky Mamas are based in Guelph Ontario Canada and have been playing music for families since 1998. This C.D. captures 15 unique, energetic and creative tunes with a whole lot of fun instruments. These songs inspire happiness, celebrate life and grow imaginations. Delightful songs that include a mix of blues, bluegrass, folk and pop infused with mandolin, guitar, banjo, fiddle, musical saw and a whole whack of other instruments. The Funky Mamas have 11 children between them and really know what kids like. Don't worry parents, we have a good idea of what gets you singing along too! Good vibes and danceable tunes have made The Funky Mamas a huge success! What others have said about the Mamas latest C.D. This C.D. is a lively compilation of 15 favourite concert songs- original music and traditional songs. You'll want to go on a 'Mama's Fishing Trip', hop along with the 'Foolish Frog', count the vegetables in 'Numbers Stew', play on the beach during a 'Summer Storm', and fall asleep to the 'Bedtime Blues.' Get out your pots and spoons, your dancing shoes, a child or two, grandma and the cat and dance, sing and play along with The Funky Mamas' Karen Haack, ORFF children's music instructor for over 25 years. My son won't let us listen to anything else. What a positive c.d... The whole house loves it! Thanks so much for brightening our days. Michelle MacMillian, CFRU children's radio programmer. 'The Funky Mamas have a direct pipeline to kids, engaging them to sing, dance and celebrate their own wonderful energies. I witnessed the kids bubbling with sheer delight. The songs are both familiar and original played on a variety of instruments from fiddles and washboards to guitars and saws. They give that most special of gifts: facilitation of the enjoyment of life.' Beverly Glenn-Copeland Writer and performer, 20 years on CBC's Mr. Dress Up 'The Funky Mamas are just that. They're pretty darned funky, and they're REAL mamas. Their love of both music and kids shines through every fun song that they sing. Their enthusiasm and talent have made them very popular with children and adults. It looks like they are really going places. They deserve it, and kids deserve to hear more of them!' James Gordon, Singer, Songwriter 'The Funky Mama's original songs are brilliant! Their lyrics are down to earth and speak volumes to children. The Mama's songs are definitely at the kids' level of appreciation and understanding. This C.D. really makes my kids dance!' Graeme Sheffield, Musician and Dad 'In my next life, I¹m coming back as one these women. These six moms from Guelph have it all - talent, creativity,energy, humour and 15 children between them - and they are indeed funky. For almost six years, they¹ve combined their vocal and instrumental talents to perform original and traditional songs for children, largely through the folk festival circuit. Now they¹ve released a CD of their infectious, spirited music-making. The Funky Mamas CD is a delightful combination of laughter and silliness on the one hand and well-produced musicianship on the other. Banjos, mandolins, musical saws, juice harps, and harmonicas are joined by the Mamas¹ harmonizing vocals and children¹s giggles to make you feel like you¹re sitting around a campfire listening to them jam with their kids. Their parenting experience shows as they write and perform songs about things kids like - from the imaginary ('The Alligator Romp', 'Dinosaur Song') to the stuff of daily life (The Bedtime Blues, Pancake Song).' Deanne Fisher Arts & Entertainment Editor, City Parent.


Artist: The Funky Mamas
Title: Mamas' Fishing
Genre: Children's
Release Date: 14/10/2003
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 775020567221


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