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Healing Moon Piano Music for An Illuminated Sky

Healing Moon Piano Music for An Illuminated Sky

  • By Gary Sill
  • Release 26/02/2002
  • Music Genre New Age
  • Media Format CD
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Product Notes

Short Bio Canadian pianist and composer Gary Sill was born to a band leader father and journalist mother in the small town of Fort Macleod, Alberta, in 1944. He has been a musician, composer and teacher in Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton and now lives with his wife Carole Harmon in the Canadian west coast city of Vancouver, where he records and performs his music. The heart of Gary's musical style is accomplished piano improvisation which is inspired by western melodic styles, Indian ragas, and jazz improvisation. NAV MAGAZINE REVIEW 2001 Release 'Spring is in the Poet' Dan Liss Contributing Writer NAV magazine tracks and promotes broadcast airplay and retail sales of New age, World, Celtic, Ambient, Native American, Acoustic Instrumental, Electronic and related styles of music. It is widely read by broadcasters, music retailers, distributors, promoters, musicians and fans of New Age music. Spring Is In The Poet debuted on NAV's TOP 100 chart at a remarkable #4, climbed to #2 for May and #6 for June and remained in the top twenty until September. Spring Is In The Poet was on the charts for five consecutive months. This dreamy set of piano solos is distinguished by Sill's use of arrangements that possess both an eastern and western style and sense of melody. Inspired by two sources, Sufi spiritual traditions and nature imagery, there are waltzes, a short raga, poetic odes to dreams, deserts, stars and spring. All, of course without words. It is interesting to hear the solo piano ease back and forth between melodies that are distinctly representing two different modes of music. There are some combinations of notes that are unmistakably Arabic or Indian, which comes as a surprise, since music from those cultures is usually carried by stringed instruments or flutes. This strikes me as one of the most inventive of the solo piano efforts because in it's simplicity, it is suggestive of so much more. Just like poetry, where an economy of words can convey more potent imagery than wordier essays, the composer here gets a maximum amount of effect with a minimal amount of notes. Less is definitely more on Sill's piano album, where a sprinkling of notes insinuates a special place where different cultures connect and flow together. - Dan Liss. Instrumentation: Piano. What Gary has done: Gary is engaged in ongoing studies with French composer, Hidayat Inayat-Khan, son of the the Sufi mystic and musician, Hazrat Inayat-Khan. Through the Banff Centre For The Arts, Gary has worked or studied with: â?¢ Steve Reich, John Cage, R. Murray Schaffer, Oscar Peterson, Carl Berger, Ursula Oppens, and other influential contemporary composers. â?¢ Stephen Temmer, (audio engineering) and Gene Youngblood, (future of electronic media). Music Studies at The University of Calgary: â?¢ Composition with Luigi Zaninelli and Piano with Gloria Saarinen. â?¢ Electronic Music with Dr. Stan Finn â?¢ Film History with Miroslav Malik (Czeck pioneer of holography in art). Additional informal training included music theory with Gordon Delamont, Native Indian Culture with Abe Burnstick and Improvisational Acting with Keith Johnstone (University of Alberta). Instructor at Grant McEwan College (Jazz Program): â?¢ piano, ensemble performance, music theory, sight singing and ear training, vocal accompaniment. And here's some quotes from DJs who have played Gary's music: 'The undistorted reality of harmony together with the harmony of the human soul. ...staggering moments'. Alexei Krupsky Visionary Voyager 107.1FM Radio, Minsk, Republic of Belarus 'Congratulations on a really good piano album'. Meishel Menachekanian Galactic Voyager, KCSN 'The listeners are just eating up your music--they absolutely love it'! Angie Smith Mindscapes KSUU, Cedar City, Utah '...stunning music' Sergiu Rusu Radio Arad, Italy 'Gary Sill's musical composition is truly masterful' Joseph Gell WJJW 'Sill has been playing piano in a wonderfully evocative style for years. ...pure pleasure and enjoyment ...inspired music'. Tony Dillon-Davis Night Music CKUA Radio, Edmonton, Alberta Airplaying 'Spring Is In The Poet' was a pleasure'. Michel Nacké Les Douces Heures CHGA, Maniwaki, Quebec.


Artist: Gary Sill
Title: Healing Moon Piano Music for An Illuminated Sky
Genre: New Age
Release Date: 26/02/2002
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 778331299720


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