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Colours of Life

Colours of Life

  • By Gerald Boy
  • Release 16/12/2003
  • Music Genre Classical Artists
  • Media Format CD
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SOOTHING MUSIC HELPS RELIEVE STRESS Feeling stressed out? Looking for a way to relax and unwind? Then you've come to the right place! This is classical guitar music in the style of Andres Segovia, John Williams, Narcisco Yepes and Julian Bream; soothing original classical guitar compositions of a refined European style with folk and Spanish influences. In this crazy, fast-paced world of ours, sometimes you need to set aside time for yourself to just slow down and mellow out. New-age classical music is perfect for that. It's easy-listening, perfect for meditation, or for background music when having a heart-to-heart with friends. Gerald Boy has created just that - easy-listening, mellow acoustic guitar music. All are his own compositions, influenced by his admiration for the works of Segovia, Williams, Yepes and Bream and by his childhood spent in France. What could be more soothing than the sound of an acoustic guitar, on it's own, or accompanied by keyboard or wind instruments? No jarring, blaring cacophony, no distracting voices, just quiet harmonious music that helps drain the tension from your body and renew your soul. THE STORIES BEHIND THE COMPOSITIONS ON 'THE COLOURS OF LIFE' Many of the compositions on this CD are solos, but on some Gerald is accompanied by electronic keyboard, guitar, mandolin, bouzouki, bass, violin, viola, cello or clarinet. 1. Summer's End - The days start getting cooler and shorter. Summer vacation is over, kids start thinking about going back to school. There's a sadness, yet the joy of summer lingers on. 2. Blue Box Shuffle - This song came to me when I watched neighbours up and down the street carrying out their blue boxes on recycling day. It had the rhythm of a dance. Pick up the box, carry it out, put it down, go back to the start, repeat. 3. As I Go To Sleep - Some nights, I think of guitar playing to help me fall asleep. The music I hear helps me drift away. 4. Survival Blues - Working for a living can be such a drag sometimes! 5. When My Mother Was Young - My mother was born in eastern Europe before the Second World War. This song reflects my heritage. 6. Skipping Rope - A sure sign of Spring is when the skipping ropes come out, and the young girls recite the same songs their mothers sang when they were children. 7. Karma - What goes around comes around, they say. I've found that to be so true. 8. Cloud Of Unknowing - This is the title of a book given to young priests entering the Order. It reflects the part of my past where I sought truth and enlightenment. 9. Wilno Hop - A few years ago, I was at a Summer Solstice celebration near the small town of Wilno, Ontario and danced with the locals under the moonlight. A dance of joy. 10. 9/11/01 - Everyone had their way of dealing with the horrors of that day. This was mine. 11. Butterfly - If you close your eyes while listening, you may be able to picture the butterfly that was flittering around our cottage in Killaloe, Ontario. 12. The Storm's Last Breath - Sitting near the window, I watched as a mid-winter storm slowly died away. 13. Opus 1 # 2 - A piece inspired by the classics. 14. Will The Sun Ever Come - I wrote this after two months of cloudy, miserable weather that seemed like it would never end. 15. Toboggan Party - There's a hill in Little Lake Park in Midland, Ontario where you can watch the children toboggan for hours on end. Down they go, faster and faster, until they slide to a stop at the bottom. Then the long climb back up, and down they go again. Wheeee! 16. Lost Dream - There's nothing sadder than a talented musician who gets wrapped up in the drug scene and loses sight of her dream, as this woman did. 17. My Heart Goes Out To You - For those who died at the World Trade Center, and for those who were left behind.


Artist: Gerald Boy
Title: Colours of Life
Genre: Classical Artists
Release Date: 16/12/2003
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 625989334429


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