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Dentro Ai Tuoi Sogni

Dentro Ai Tuoi Sogni

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In 2007 Giorgio Maggiore released his third record, called DENTRO AI TUOI SOGNI. After having produced two twin dark wave records (OASI DI CEMENTO in 2005 and I COLORI CHE CAMBIANO in 2006), Giorgio changes very much his style, leaving the sterotypes of some early eighties British new wave bands for some experimentation in a more progressive way. DENTRO AI TUOI SOGNI (Into your dreams) is an almost completely instrumental record. As in all his records, Giorgio played all the instruments, composed, mixed, arranged and produced all the tracks on his own, without any interference. BAGLIORI DI LUCE (Lightnings) opens the album. It is an instrumental track with piano and synthetical violins. Piano melody seems to take the listener into a dream or into a nightmare.. ILLUSTRE SCONOSCIUTO (Famous Unknown) is a very various medley almost completely instrumental. It starts with a quiet melody played by dreamy acoustic and electric guitars. This melody recalls some themes of romantic rock of early Seventies. Suddenly a melodramatic choir turns the mood in a darker way...the dream is turning to a nightmare..Coral notes and psychedelic guitars are getting into the main theme through a psychedelical intermezzo with synth and bass guitar..Percussion starts stressing rhythm, powerful shoegaze guitars attack roughly, heavy lyrics against workers exploitation are sung and seems a nightmare...but suddenly sweet dreamy notes of the first theme return to let the listener dream. DIVERTENTE (Amusing) is a ballad characterized by a hoarse voice and a final shoegaze solo guitar which grows little by little until the end of the song. MI ASCOLTERAI? (Will you hear me?) is another various medley with many rhythm and sound changings. In the refrain psychedelic guitar theme and percussion seem chase each other. In the end three electric guitars, without any other sound, seem to talk each other for a couple of minutes..guitar style recalls some Barrett tracks. IL SOGNO INFINITO (The endless dream) is an instrumental track, with piano and synthetical orchestra. It is a melancholic track with a mood which reminds of some Nick Drake tracks. IL TUO FIORE VERO (Your true flower) is an acoustical ballad with shoegaze guitar and percussion in evidence. Lyrics talk about a man who treats his life like a centrifugal machine. He never finds the time to think about his dreams realization, because he wants to be a production unity. One day he perceives he\'s living an useless empty life. ADDIO G (Goodbye G) is another instrumental track with a dramatical piano melody and synthetic violins notes which seem to cut like knives. The final track is called LA GRANDE BOLLA (The big bubble). Acoustic and electric guitars seem to chase each other shaping a sweet carpet of sound. After an intermezzo with guitar and synth orchestra a refrain starts suddenly with a strange unexpected operetta folk melody. In the end the guitar carpets little by little thin away..only two guitars remain to play chasing each other for the last minute of the album. Lyrics talk about a man who decided to escape from reality finding shelter into a big bubble containing his dreams. One day the sun melt the bubble which exploded setting the man free with his dreams. DENTRO AI TUOI SOGNI is a quite strange and particular album with no stereotypes. Maybe it contains only Giorgio deepest thoughts and feelings.


Artist: Giorgio Maggiore
Title: Dentro Ai Tuoi Sogni
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 23/09/2008
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 634479890772


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