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I'm Still Standing

I'm Still Standing

  • By Gladys Carter
  • Release 16/05/2006
  • Music Genre Gospel
  • Media Format CD
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Gladys Carter Singer/Songwriter/composer "I'M Still Standing" (with a powerful testimony) A ministering CD, dedicated to people who are hurting ** A Miraculous CD ** I was born on the island of Anguilla B.W.I. but migrated to St. Maarten Neth. Antilles from a child. I have always known myself singing, and very early in life, written songs. I always had a dream of having a recording, and in 1989, my dream came a reality, but not only a reality, my first cassette recording became a big hit, around the Caribbean, namely "SOMEBODY CARES FOR YOU" today it is still been played all over on radio stations, and in the home's. I was ask to put it on CD, since cassette is going out. So here it is on CD, track #6. I also have other hit songs. My songs are loved by many. However, I was out of recording for some years, due to struggles, could not get through an emotional storm that had result in some deep wounds. Several people tried to encourage me to fight and continue recording, I myself wanted to record, and various times I determined "Yes" I will but every time I pick up a pen and paper to write I could no longer complete a song. I was hurting and feeling the effects of emotional turmoil so strongly, that at times, I just couldn't focus enough to release the gift of music and song out of my spirit. Ironically, all of the songs recorded on this CD were birthed out of that same experience. I'M STILL STANDING" is a miraculous CD, I thought my life was over, and though I would not record again, all of my suffering almost killed me, in fact I thank God for rescuing me for I was at the point of given up. I needed some answers. I was referred to a lady who prophesy over my life, and after some session with her, I got my breakthrough, God used her and declare deliverance from the emotional bondages in my life. She also told me that what I went through was no mistake; she said I went through so much because God, wants me to minister to other hurting souls through anointed songs of deliverance. (before meeting her I did write song in that area but did not tell her) She said, these songs will especially encourage abused and hurting women all around the world, and what the devil meant for my destruction, will actually be the tool that God will use to set myself/other's free. She also said to me I see you singing, written songs, and having CD's. I was very surprise with that for in all the conversation with her I never told her, that I sing, write or have done any recordings. That same night I went home while sitting I started to write, I don't know why but, I would say that it had to be the "Holy Spirit" I write on paper "I'm Standing" surprisingly I then a voice came to me with feeling which could not be ignored, and said with these 3 instructions: (1) write the song personal (2) write what is in you (3) write what you are feeling inside. (I have never written song personal and never intended to) and did not feel good about written it personal, however, I did what was instructed to me and I know from the way I felt it was the "Holy Spirit" I questioned the voice, and what was said to me every time and I laugh, after written what was instructed to me, in stead of "I'm Standing" I put down "I'm Still Standing", in all of my struggles I never saw myself into that category of "Still Standing" For the first time in years I cried, and for months, God deliver and healed me, and set me free. Then God provided all of my needs for this CD, and from not be planned it was done in less then (3) month's. There were songs that was planned for this CD and could not be put on, changes was made, this CD was not planned at this time, for I had lost, hope in coming out again. ( even thou it was my desire). After, the CD was completed I realize that the songs are more for hurting people and I dedicated this album to People who are hurting. I saw while driven someone who had hurt me very deeply, and God told me to reverse my vehicle and did not want to do it, and the vehicle started to stall, I had to reverse and follow instructions, the place where he instructed me to park normally you would not find parking there at that time of the day, and the spot was right there for me, and I called the person and told them that what ever I have done to them which I do not know, I ask there forgiveness and I want them to know that I forgive them, after that the voice came back to me and told me that "I'm Free", that is where track #9, came in. Anxious, about this CD, I called a friend and told them, I was going to record my 1st CD, (since the other recording was cassette's ) her reply was "you are going to sing on abuse, I in return ask her "how you know that" her reply was Gladys the "Holy Spirit" then she said, your favorite person in the bible is "JOB" I again said who told you that, she said Gladys the "Holy Spirit" is speaking. After this CD has been release other have also give prophetic words to me about this CD, and I know that it was God's timing. Today, I have been delivered, set free, healed, and for me this is a "Miracle" today "I'M STILL STANDING" my self esteem has improve tremendously, my faith has increase in God, and I am written again. ALL GLORY, HONOR AND PRAISE BELONG TO THE LORD Track 1 (introduction - to God) Track 2/3 (for those who are sick- hurting Track 4 (some people who gets hurt deeply, have a self- esteem problem) Track 5/6/8 Songs of comfort, soothing, encouragement, to hurting people thatin God there is hope. Track 7/9 My testimony, I was miracoulsly healed, delivered and set free of the pain I carried. Track 10: Is given God all the praise and glory, for bring me through. ------------------ Comments from those who have heard this CD: -The entire CD is a hit. (It is hard to choose a song, all of them are good) - The CD is a blessing - I'm Still standing reminds them of there child-hood -The CD is very good for a gift. And there are people who are buying them as gifts for others). -Some people meets me up while driven and screams "I like your CD" -Other comments: It is very inspirational, it is nice, comforting, uplifting, from since I have this CD, I put it in my car and cannot take it out, when you have your other CD, don't forget me, -So many more comments.


Artist: Gladys Carter
Title: I'm Still Standing
Genre: Gospel
Release Date: 16/05/2006
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 634479301261


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