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  • By God Struck
  • Release 20/01/2009
  • Music Genre Rock
  • Media Format CD
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GodStruck isn't your average Christian band... GodStruck thrives on soaring vocals, driving riffs from the bass and guitar, blistering percussion, and heart-felt lyrics that will bring you to your knees. They are a band devoted to bringing Christ's message to the darkest corners of the world through their music. From raging rock sounds, to fast-paced punk, to haunting acoustics, you never know what might come next with this band. GodStruck uses their many different sounds to show that there isn't just one way to praise the One we love. Since it's conception, GodStruck has been blessed with many great gigging opportunities, including: -opening for Matt Maher -opening for VOTA (formerly Casting Pearls) -opening for Remedy Drive -performing with Jackie Quinn -performing with Angel Dean -headlining at the Mt. Rushmore national monument -playing at the Corn Palace Festival -appearing at many state-wide rallies and benefits A Complete Biography (as recorded in an interview for the Gregory Times-Advocate) GodStruck started casually four years ago. Alex and Nick had started getting together to play at their church for Sunday Mass. Alex played guitar and Nick played keyboard; they both sang. During that time period, Father Jim Hoerter was a seminarian serving at their church for the summer. Hoerter was also a guitarist, and he introduced them to new praise and worship music. Gradually the duo expanded their repertoire. At the time, they had no plans of getting a band together. They continued to play in their parish and improve, which led to new opportunities to perform their music beyond Sunday mornings. Eventually, Kyle entered the scene. Kyle moved to Gregory in 2005 when his father became the pastor of the local Berean Church. That December, Kyle attended an Angel Dean concert where Nick and Alex were playing. Soon after that youth rally, Nick and Alex mentioned that they needed a bass player. Kyle took Alex's bass, and after learning a few chords, joined the other two. This trio continued to add praise and worship music to their collection and by the spring of 2006, percussionist Jerin 'showed up to jam with the guys.' Three days later, he was invited to become the fourth member of the group (Jerin has since parted ways with the band to pursue other interests). With Jerin's arrival, they had reached a milestone: they actually had a band! And the band was in need of a name. So, after weeks of prayer and debate, the name GodStruck was chosen. Since then, GodStruck has become well-known and respected throughout the Midwest. They do all things through, with, and for the king of the universe, Jesus Christ himself.


Artist: God Struck
Title: Godstruck
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 20/01/2009
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 880270254828


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