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I Cling to You

I Cling to You

  • By Grace Markay
  • Release 28/06/2014
  • Music Genre Christian
  • Media Format CD
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Product Notes

This is a CD in which the artwork actually preceded the music. My Dad gave me the beautiful painting you see on this page of a woman clinging to a rock cross in the middle of a turbulent sea. The minute my eyes gazed upon this painting I was deeply moved. I knew in my heart I wanted to write a song interpreting the message spoken to me through that painting. It led to the song 'I Cling to You' which became the theme for this CD. At some point in our lives when things happen that we can't control; when we are overcome with fear and don't know where to turn; when we feel life is over; we all become that person reaching out. I did! I became that woman. The songs that I wrote on this CD are very human. They were written from the very depths of my being. They point to a God who loves us so much that He keeps coming after us no matter who we are or what we have done. All He asks from us is to TRUST Him. The song 'Who Am I That You Should Love Me?' tells us that so passionately. We give Him 'brokenness.' He gives us 'Love.' We want to 'hide.' He calls us 'by His side.' Every one of these songs speaks to us at different times in our lives. They are a journey into wholeness. The song 'I Had Nothing Left to Give' expresses those feelings of hopelessness and despair in our lives. We DON'T have to stay there. In the midst of our deepest darkness, this song tells you the 'Loving Heart of Jesus accepts you' and actually 'needs you.' Can you imagine...being needed by the Lord? The song concludes 'I Can Give Once More.' I thank God for these words and this music to reach out and touch the hearts of others. I take no credit for myself. It is only through the Lord that all of this is possible. I am only a simple, imperfect instrument to tell you of His healing Love. ONLY GOD CAN HEAL. His ways are not our ways. All we can do is trust that He will always be there for us. The anointed music on this CD was arranged, conducted and performed by Richard Rome. All of my compositions were enhanced by his genius. When you listen to the overwhelming emotion and power in all of these songs, you will feel a personal attachment to them as if each song was written for you. You will want to listen to them over and over again. On the inside cover of the CD you will see a magnificent sunrise. I was, again, captivated by the photography of Bill Olson and used this photo which so beautifully compliments the color and theme of this CD. Like that painting that my Dad gave me, the Lord is standing like a rock in the middle of your turbulent life. 'The winds may blow...and the waves may roar' but nothing will prevent the Lord's forgiveness and Love awaiting you lift your arms to Cling to Him. (To read Grace Markay's Biography select the words 'Go To Artist Page' on the upper left hand corner of this page. The words are written in small light green letters.)


Artist: Grace Markay
Title: I Cling to You
Genre: Christian
Release Date: 28/06/2014
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 888295119382


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