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Guided Meditation Treks 1

Guided Meditation Treks 1

(Duplicated CD)
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Guided Meditation Treks is an idea started by Russell Eric Dobda (musician with Dimitri's Ascent and Toast; founder of Austin Silent Disco) with an intention to utilize spoken word and sound healing technologies to guide himself and others to achieve their greatest good for their higher selves and thus, the world. With wireless headphones as the medium of delivery, listeners are guided through creative visual and mental journeys to fulfill their intentions on the physical plane while uncovering mysteries within themselves. Through personal experience, we have come to realize that the human mind has a potential that we do not normally see, and often, consciously suppress. Whether or not you believe in 'god' or are religious or spiritual, it is easy to see that there is something that exists which has yet to be explained by science that makes us strive for personal evolution, and this force helped get us where we are today. The scientific law of cause and effect is prevalent. We are all evolving towards our higher selves and towards perfection of the whole, but it is just a matter of time and experience before we get there. These meditations are a tool to help you on your way. The goal through these guided meditations is to use this force and organize simple steps to help lead ourselves through our own personal path in a more accelerated pace. All of the meditations are geared towards our higher selves and greatest good, which is not only the greatest good for ourselves, but simultaneously the greatest good of everyone with whom we contact in some way. By you being the best that you can be, you help make the world the best it can be. We all have this potential in our hearts, but in our day to day activities, we sometimes lose focus of the bigger picture, and we might even get off track of our true path towards our higher selves. The goal is to help you find and maintain your path. Through the programs, we are not directing anything, but merely providing templates for you to find it yourself. You have the potential to manifest any outcome. This can be an advantage or a disadvantage. Inherently, with intention and effort in the right direction, anything can be accomplished, even on the physical plane. At the same time, none of this will work if you feel that it won't work. It doesn't require faith, but an open mind and heart goes a long way in anything. We utilize a scientific approach to these programs, but even the most astute quantum physicists have made the realization that when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change. Keep zooming in on any given object and see that it continues to change into smaller objects. In the end, your intention and beliefs are more powerful than any technology or scientific explanation within current generally accepted perception of our reality. At this level, we are beyond science. Science will someday explain it to us, but for now, exactly how such manifestations of reality work remain a mystery. You must experience it for yourself, and everyone's experience is their own. The truth is within you. You will find what you seek in any case. GMT is dedicated to using the force with which we are granted in a positive way to make the best of the moment. When going through a guided meditation program, don't worry or think too hard about whether you are 'doing it right' or not. Just maintain your focus on the tasks at hand and the work will happen through your intention. The effort is like watching a film in your mind, but the goal is toward outcome. The meditations are enjoyable, pleasant, and relaxing in and of themselves, but relaxation is only a part. We are trying to achieve tangible results! Just go with it, focused with a playful and open mind. If you do this, at the very least you'll have fun! More likely, you might learn something about yourself. Headphones are recommended for all tracks and required for tracks 1 and 4, as they utilize binaural beat technology. Tracks 2 and 3 use isochronic pulse technology, which can be enjoyed through loudspeakers or headphones. Binaural beats require a discreet stereo field provided by headphones. Listening to tracks 1 and 4 through loudspeakers may result in discomfort due to audio dissonance of the binaural beats in the room with loudspeakers. Copyright 2012 Russell Eric Dobda.


Artist: Guided Meditation Treks
Title: Guided Meditation Treks 1
Genre: New Age
Attributes: Duplicated CD
Release Date: 20/11/2012
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 884501823890


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