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  • By Hedda
  • Release 05/04/2013
  • Music Genre Heavy Metal
  • Media Format CD
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Hedda is a four-piece band comprised of veteran musicians based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, U.S.A. Influenced by hard rock, progressive rock, progressive metal and heavy metal artists from several decades, Hedda describes their music as "Provocative Metal". Hedda was founded in 2007, when guitarist Kent Herman knew that his departure from the progressive metal band, DIMENSION X, was imminent. Kent contacted Jamie Mac, his long-time friend and original co-founder of DX, saying that he was interested in a writing partnership that would create music that would incorporate progressive tendencies while maintaining a heavy, melodic, straight forward direction. During their time in DX, Kent and Jamie had written numerous songs together and were aware of their complimentary writing chemistry. Though Kent and Mac shared many musical likes and similarities, they were also aware that each had numerous and various musical influences that he would draw upon to create a unique blend of power, progression and melody. Jamie Mac and Kent Herman began writing music that would exemplify and utilize the influences and strengths of both. Originally, the name of the band was to be Hedda STEAM, meaning "a head of steam", however the name was shortened very early on, when the concept of an extremely powerful (and supernaturally beautiful) female angel began to inspire the writing. Her name: Hedda. Simultaneously with their writing, Mac and Kent began the search for the members that would complete the band. Finding the right drummer turned out to be a more difficult task than either had imagined. Drummer Jef Jaeger, also a long-time friend of Kent's and also a former member of DX, was contacted early on, but stated that he was in the midst of other projects and could not commit himself to another at that time. A year long quest that spanned three states for the right drummer ensued. Numerous auditions were held, but to no avail, the right drummer was not to be found. During this frustrating search, Mac and Kent completed the writing aspects of tracks that would become the "The Storm". Though Jamie Mac had been a lead vocalist in several bands, he knew that a superior lead singer was required for this project. Mac contacted his long-time friend and former band acquaintance, singer extraordinaire, John Swenson. At the end of a brief conversation, John was the lead vocalist of Hedda. Almost exactly a year to the day that drummer Jef Jaeger declined the offer to join the band, he was contacted again to see if anything had changed. Apparently, good things come to those who wait and by the end of that conversation, Jef was in the band. Hedda was finally complete. Hedda originally entered the studio in January of 2009 and recorded four tracks that appeared on the band's 2009 EP "The Calm Before..." which received very good reviews from publications and fans, but clearly something was missing. In 2010 the band changed studios and engineers. Over the following months, seven additional tracks were recorded at The Exchange Music Studios with engineers Jeffro Lachsheid and Lyle Brotkowski. The original 4 songs from the EP were completely remixed by Jeffro in 2012 and all 11 tracks that appear on Hedda's full-length concept album, "The Storm", were mastered by Jacob Hansen. Hedda 'The Storm' was officially released on April 5th, 2013. 'The Storm' is a concept album. It is a STORY based on a multitude of reference materials. The concept of Angels has always fascinated me. These beings of severe beauty, who harness unimaginable power, and are capable of unfathomable love, immense hate, extreme loyalty and immeasurable rage is a bountiful writing playground for me. That said, Angelic lore varies from source to source and many times an angel responsible for a certain act in one text is very different from that in another. "The Storm" is a story founded in my imagination based on a conglomeration (of my interpretation) of these sources. 'The character of the villain defines that of the hero'. - J. Mac.


Artist: Hedda
Title: Storm
Genre: Heavy Metal
Release Date: 05/04/2013
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 845121058789


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