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Freight Train Love

Freight Train Love

  • By Hilary Scott
  • Release 04/11/2014
  • Music Genre Rock
  • Media Format CD
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"If Hilary Scott had her voice and nothing else, she would be able to get by. The one-time Columbia resident owns a full, expressive instrument equally capable of supplying the sweetness of honeyed soul, lowering the boom in a power ballad and skirting the edges of rock. On her latest, "Freight Train Love," Scott has an embarrassment of riches at her disposal. She uses her voice in service of a stout set of songs that sweep a span of emotions, from lovelorn and vulnerable to confident, even defiant. Now based in St. Louis, Scott cut the record in Studio City, Calif., her voice surrounded and supported by a killer band. Talent attracts talent, and she is joined by players who have backed true A-listers, everyone from Bonnie Raitt and B.B. King to Lyle Lovett and Lucinda Williams, Jackson Browne and Journey...The title track of Freight Train Love opens with sparkling piano runs, lyric guitar and the suggestion of a soulful organ laid over a hip, playful groove. Scott's voice is crisp and assured from the get-go; she delivers fevered emotions with cool restraint. The ability to live in the tension between fire and ice, to approach a melting point without melting down is the mark of a gifted singer who's in control...The Kevin Fisher-penned "Losing You" is marked by it's soft edges and warm ache. Scott's voice lays over the tune's gently propulsive groove and perfectly fits the melodic line. Scott's singing isn't airbrushed here - her reading is breathy and exposed at times, strong yet ready to break at others. It is an incredibly human performance that lends the song it's emotional power...Scott's take on "Lotta Love," a Neil Young tune made famous by Nicolette Larson, is a testimony to the strong vision she and producer Michael O'Neill share. Slinky and soulful with a magnetic feel, the cut pairs well with Scott's originals - and the tenor of her greater catalog - showcasing her ability to make any song feel like a Hilary Scott song." - Aarik Danielsen, Columbia Daily Tribune "Freight train Love is worth buying for a lot of reasons, but in our minds at Riveting Riffs Magazine one of the most significant reasons is Scott's cover of Nicolette Larson's "Lotta Love," (written by Neil Young). Hilary Scott, who demonstrates a lot of vocal and artistic diversity with her new album gifts us with an incredible interpretation of the song. The tempo is slowed down, Nicolette Larson's louder, Pop vocals have been supplanted by a more sensuous, romantic and quieter performance by Hilary Scott. "Freight Train Love," is one of the best songs that Riveting Riffs Magazine has listened to this year. Hilary Scott has been a secret that has been kept from too many for far too long. She knows how to turn a phrase and her vocal technique is excellent, while her tone is clear. Backed by a stellar cast of musicians, Scott and co-writer and producer Michael O'Neill have created a gem." - Joe Montague, Riveting Riffs Magazine "The crisp hookiness of the title track - the romping boogie of "Get Your Love" and heartbreaking emotive blues-with-a-bite "Losing You" - gives you an idea of Hilary's talent to weave the slight variance of styles into very solid, enjoyable songs. Her voice is the strongest glue that does this - a breathless croon that has a soulful quality with both range and control that helps you feel the straight-from-the-heart lyrics. It doesn't hurt at all either that her back-up band for the album includes session players who have worked with the likes of Paul McCartney, Rod Stewart, Linda Rondstadt, and Bonnie Raitt, among many others. Still, Hilary's talents are what make this a very pleasant musical repast that should keep her on track to wider spread notoriety." - Mark Waterbury, Music Morsels Reviews "What a trip...Hilary Scott covers 'Lotta Love' (Neil Young) with the original bass player from the Nicolette Larson recording. Other trips on there? Yep, they run rampant. An Americana/folk-rock chick that's basically been at it her whole life and has massed up about all the awards and recognition you can while still flying under the radar, Scott has an indie session that can easily compete with anything the majors are handling (or mishandling these days). A fully formed, full band sound, Scott has a sharp pen, a smoking voice and more soul than a white girl sounding like a white girl should have. Tasty stuff that works well." - Chris Spector, Midwest Record "A pure voice and natural talent currently deserving a much wider audience, Missouri-based Hilary Scott is a natural talent, and her heartfelt Americana tunes have an infectious and growing quality. Flowers on Mars is from her latest album Freight Train Love (Belltown). Give this veteran singer-songwriter a watch and listen and become a believer." - Dusty Wright, in a review attached to his "Song of the Day" pick on Culture Catch "Hilary Scott is such a talented singer songwriter, I have been so impressed with her stunning ability to bring the listener into her world, with her words and with her very emotional voice... The mix of different musical influences creates a very original sound contributes to the particular atmosphere of this album which is one of a real artist in the literal meaning of the word, that is to say with a real creativity and is a pleasure to welcome such an artist on our playlist.." - Mike Penard, ISA Radio France "Hilary Scott tells us stories, brings us messages that are as personal and real as the musicians who [interpret] them. "Freight Train Love" is a good album to listen to, because it has an energy that pulls you along. " - Eric Schuurmans, reviewer and writer for Rootstime - Belgium "In the hands of Hilary Scott and her eleventh recording, Freight Train Love, the train has pulled out of the station, the smoke of a thousand romances and wished for soft kisses is unrolled across the ensuing countryside. The sound of a heart realizing that it has a message to spread, a tale of lost lingering love and battle scarred relationships, is unmistakably powerful and hidden in the smoke of life. Produced by Michael O'Neil, Freight Train Love is a collection of songs that stir the emotions to the point in which the listener realizes that they are not just listening to the story as if from a remote point on the horizon or from the end of a phone in which the hiss of static kicks in at the most inopportune moment but they are there, sat directly in front of Ms. Scott, eyes making contact and the unburdening of a soul is only a touch away. It is this special quality, the act of making the journey as deeply personal to the listener as it is to the musician that makes songs such as Help, Get Your Love, the beautiful desolation of Losing You and If You Don't Love Me such a respectful piece of artistry and intimate chain of songs bound together in an act that would not be out of place in Brief Encounter. Freight Train Love deserves it's status as a great album to listen to, it has a distinct energy which you cannot help but be pulled along by and the engine that drives it just keeps giving more and more. So many albums down the line and there is no sign of the signals turning red for Hilary Scott." - Ian D. Hall, Liverpool Sound and Vision Hilary Scott once again transcends categorization as Grammy-winning musicians join her on her latest recording, Freight Train Love. For her 11th recording, Scott traveled to Los Angeles to record at Johnny Lee Schell's Ultratone Studios. Schell, who has worked with such greats as Bonnie Raitt and Taj Mahal, not only lent guitar to the album, but also did the engineering and mixing. Freight Train Love was produced by recognized Americana artist, Michael O'Neill, who drew in music heavies Bob Glaub on bass (Paul McCartney, Linda Rondstadt, Rod Stewart); Tony Braunagel on drums (Bonnie Raitt, Rickie Lee Jones); and Mike Finnigan on Keys and organs (Crosby Still Nash, Leonard Cohen). Additional percussion was provided by Scott, Schell, O'Neill and longtime Scott collaborator AJ Gennaro. Scott wrote or co-wrote 7 of the 10 songs on Freight Train Love. Known for her powerful voice, Scott also writes intelligent lyrics and strong melodies and brings a raw depth to both. Onstage she is an autobiographer, telling stories about her life and relating to people on any level possible. The title track of Freight Train Love kicks off the record with a very soulful R&B feel, while still retaining the honest sound of Americana. The song "Help" came to Scott in a rush during a moment of self-doubt. "When you look at me like I am a stranger," she sings, "You should know I feel the same about myself." Kevin Fisher who has written songs for Rascall Flats, Sara Evans and others wrote "Losing You". He also wrote the big country sounding, "If You Don't Love Me" and duets with Hilary Scott. "Flowers on Mars" was released as an EP in 2013 and was written in the middle of the night upon waking from a dream. Scott just released the song as a video in July 2014. "Lotta Love" is a Neil Young cover and Bob Glaub, who plays bass on Freight Train Love also played bass on the track recorded by Nicolette Larson decades ago. When Hilary was recording vocals for Lotta Love, Johnny Lee Schell told her that she sounded like Nicolette Larson singing at Stax. Scott's version has a smooth groove and warm, rich, blues-laced vocals that lend a new interpretation to the lyrics. The record ends with the bombastic, "Didn't Make It Alive" a straight- up rock 'n' roll country break up song. The tongue-in-cheek lyrics about a person heading down the wrong path in life are both comic and tragic. "You think you're gonna make it/You might make it to Exit 5/Where your cross is covered in roses/Telling everybody that you didn't make it alive." Hilary Scott started playing music at age two when she crawled up on the piano bench and began picking out melodies on the keys of her mom's grand piano. A multi-instrumentalist, Scott has studied piano, violin, guitar and voice for the majority of her life and has been songwriting for 15 years. Highlights of Hilary Scott's career-to-date include winning Americana/Folk Album of the Year for 2014 for her vinyl release, Flowers On Mars, from the Rural Roots Music Commission of the National Traditional Country Music Association. In 2010, Scott also won the International Section of the Festival Degli Autori songwriting competition for her song "And Just", and was awarded a recording contract from Sanremo Productions. She recorded the single with Euro Ferrari (Clapton, Sting, Pavarotti) who says, 'Hilary Scott writes and sings in a way that creates a fascinating and intimate world, and it is enough for her to utilize only a whisper to raise deep emotions in the listener...her voice is absolutely extraordinary in it's emotional greatness.' Other highlights include a publishing deal with Nashville producer Matthew Wilder, co-writes with some of the best writers around, consecutive annual wins as 'Best Local Artist' by readers of Inside Columbia Magazine, inclusion in the Heartland Arts Council touring roster, international representation by Premier Talent International, and extensive touring in the U.S, UK, Asia and Europe. This year, her version of John Hiatt's 'Have a Little Faith in Me,' was featured in a dog rescue video for The Bill Foundation that went viral, receiving well over 2,000,000 views and featured (among others) by The Huffington Post and L.A. Times. She has shared the stage with Chuck Berry, Tanya Tucker, Little Feat, and other legendary acts. Scott reaches fans one-on-one through rigorous touring. Aarik Danielsen of The Columbia Daily Tribune notes, 'Singer-songwriter Hilary Scott has been a reliable road warrior and something of an international darling...Scott has earned the trust of her audiences through the power of her soulful voice, an instrument which has not only united disparate settings but also distinctive genres such as pop, rock, blues, and jazz.' But for Hilary Scott, regardless of whether listeners categorize her sound as Americana, country, folk, or anything else, the most important goal is to write songs that hit where it hurts so good: the hearts and minds of a steadily growing and extremely loyal fan base.


Artist: Hilary Scott
Title: Freight Train Love
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 04/11/2014
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 888174813776


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