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Introducing Foxxjazell

Introducing Foxxjazell

  • By Foxxjazell
  • Release 12/02/2008
  • Music Genre Electronic
  • Media Format CD
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Look out for the debut album ' Introducing Foxxjazell' featuring the hits 'Feel the Vibe' & 'Priority'. Both videos have been in rotation on MTV, Logo,VH1, Fuse, Qtube & Heretv. This new dance diva has been noted as one of the first transgender artists to crossover into mainstream pop/hiphop music. She has appeared on the Tyra show, XXL magazine and toured in 2007 in the first ever Homorevolution tour as the opening act. 'I don't aim to be the best or greatest rapper. I aim to be the voice for my people 'cause our voice is non-existent in the hip-hop community" -Foxxjazell Foxxjazell stands 5'10 and is a striking mocha beauty that just so happens to be transgender. However, don't brush off this young talented rapper because of her gender. She has performed for thousands of people at the world famous Arena nightclub in Hollywood. She also opened for 90's divas Robin S., Rupaul and CeCe Peniston. Point Blank, this kid has done Latin Pride2004, PBE Music festival, RU Talented TV show and San Diego Pride2003. Foxxjazell Keva Jackson was born in Birmingham, AL from a family of hardworking hustlers. Both her mother and father worked all types of odds jobs to keep food in her mouth. At the age 6, she became influenced by the likes of Salt n Pepa, Michael Jackson and Madonna. "I would lock myself in my room and pretend I was performing in front of millions of screaming fans. "Her parents didn't share the same vision that she did instead they encouraged her to pursue a career more "logical" like teaching or nursing. By the age o17, Foxxjazell graduated from high school with honors and was looking to conquer life as an entertainer. Her influences had advanced to 2pac, DaBrat, TLC and Biggie Smalls. She took a one-way ticket to Hollywood with less than $20 in her purse. While in Hollywood, she started off modeling with a few print ads and also booked a few music videos doing background work. She quickly became discouraged when she realized these gigs didn't lead her anywhere. A change had to be made. The change came in the form of 14 year-old Maurice Tito Lopez, a runaway kid with big dream of making it big. The two young artists quickly teamed up and began making and performing music together. They eventually formed a group named One20five with two other local rappers. One20five performed at various venues through out Los Angeles but eventually disbanded in late 2004. Since then, Foxxjazell has performed in the Homorevolution tour that hit cities such as San Diego,Houston,Dallas and Phoenix. She also appeared on the Tyra Banks show to talk about queer hip-hop and the politics of the music industry that she has had to endure. This young starlet has a long way to go but she has already got a headstart.


Artist: Foxxjazell
Title: Introducing Foxxjazell
Genre: Electronic
Release Date: 12/02/2008
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 634479717772


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