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Weddings or Funerals

Weddings or Funerals

  • By Jim Hanft
  • Release 10/04/2012
  • Music Genre Rock
  • Media Format CD
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Product Notes

In some way Jim Hanft's music feels like it's been in your collection for years. Maybe it's the lyrics that you've thought, but been too afraid to say. Maybe it's the warmth of his voice during the crest of a helpless verse. Or maybe it's the nostalgic nature of his song that leaves you thinking, "Wait, I've been here before." Regardless of what it is Jim Hanft has set out to paint his life in songs using his voice, guitar and a broken harmonica. Hanft along with musical counterpoint Samantha Yonack were on a plane to Stockholm to record with producer Lasse Mårtén (Peter, Bjorn & John, Lykke LI and the Shout Out Louds) and a band of Swedish badasses. After three weeks of recording they completed over 20 news songs and drank approximately 984 coffees. These sessions recorded at Decibel Studios would later become the Burn Me in My Boots EP (Sweden/Fan Only) and the full length album, "Weddings Or Funerals." Having played over 250 shows with just a guitar and partner, Samantha Yonack, Lasse Mårtén had his hands full bridging the gap between Hanft's traveling troubadour ways and the desire to record a timeless-sounding record. Luckily with their mutual love for bands like the Counting Crows and Oasis they found a common ground where they both could perform at their best. In the end "Weddings Or Funerals" is eleven stories all framed by a modern musical landscape rooted in raw unaltered performances. Torsten Braf explained it best in his review of the album in Eskilstunakuriren, "What Hanft and Mårtén accomplished is a small miracle in it's simplicity. Great folk rock, beautiful and moving alternative country. Purely innovative." "Weddings Or Funerals" was released in 2010 in Scandinavia and was supported by live performance on Swedish National Television and tour of Sweden and Norway.


Artist: Jim Hanft
Title: Weddings or Funerals
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 10/04/2012
Label: Artists Addiction
Media Format: CD
UPC: 858684002373
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